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Comment Re:Dangerous/ Forsee problems (Score 1) 178

A properly trained, licensed, operator is better than software. For instance, he can determine if the situation is unrecoverable, and decide its better to crash into a mustard field instead of a children's playground (both of which look identical to this drone's sensors sensors). Of course, any computer support that augments the pilot is something good, not bad.

Yes, air roads - in unpopulated areas - are probably a good idea for commercial drones.

Comment Dangerous/ Forsee problems (Score 2) 178

When a car engine fails, the default behavior is to coast to a halt -- unless driving downhill! Even so, a car has emergency brakes, gear/engine braking, a human driver, etc.

This scheme has no human in control (its "autonomous"), an externally provided destination ("connected to GPS on the users' mobile phone."), and no protection from a flying plastic bag or sheet fouling multiple propellors, turning it into a heavy unguided missile dropping onto the street below.

To the founders -- densely populated cities are the wrong place for a drone. How about delivering books or medical supplies in the Australian outback? (with a petrol engined drone)

Comment Re: So . . . (Score 1) 138

"Have you seen the new Yahoo logo?

That's smart... see the uninspired, shallow people jumping the ship soon."

Seriously, its a silly logo and all that jazz, but wouldn't you leave a company because it no longer the right employer? *

* Where right_employer = (pay && boss && peers && benefits && work_conditions && commute && ! good_self_employment_prospects)

And not because the logo was terrible?

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