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Comment Re: So . . . (Score 1) 138

"Have you seen the new Yahoo logo?

That's smart... see the uninspired, shallow people jumping the ship soon."

Seriously, its a silly logo and all that jazz, but wouldn't you leave a company because it no longer the right employer? *

* Where right_employer = (pay && boss && peers && benefits && work_conditions && commute && ! good_self_employment_prospects)

And not because the logo was terrible?

Comment Re:One reply (Score 1) 1293

If by evolution you mean the addition of information via useful mutations in the human genome, it is yet to be observed. What *has* been observed instead is functional deterioration of the genome - see .

(For a more - vigorous - view, see )

So crystallisation via cooling is a "spectacular decrease in entropy", capable of disproving the papers referenced earlier. How did you assess this? By seeing regularity in simple repeating crystal structures versus the liquid blob? By this logic, the regularity of molecules in a solid is evidence of the same thing. But no one calls cooling of a liquid to a solid a "spectacular decrease in entropy".

So the similar size of the earth and the moon are a coincidence...

> There are only a handful of trees left of that age. No way an exponential curve would be smooth with that little data.

You must be very familiar with the details. Anyway, the point is not that there is a smooth curve. The point is that there is a curve which stops abruptly at a time which matching the date of the Genesis flood. There are no trees with more rings. But the oldest trees are *still* growing. So there is no reason that there should not be trees with more rings.

If the ages of the oldest trees is another coincidence, it roughly coincides also with the the span of recorded history and the time since the ancestors of the Danes separated from the ancestors of the Turks.

There are other coincidences.

Comment Re:Revocation --- or Redundancy? (Score 2) 233

Don't let the fool trolls get to you - you have a good post.

For instance, a trivial browser-side implementation could simply check if bytes flowing in on an SSL connection (say, to https://abc.com443/ matched bytes coming in through a secondary persistent HTTPS connection (say, and that both HTTPS connections use different CA authorities.

Sure, this could be defeated if is compromised. However, an MITM attack would require two separate CA authorities to be fooled or compromised. And adding verification hosts (verify1, verify2, ...) would provide additional 'witnesses' against a MITM.

Comment One reply (Score 0) 1293

Slashdotter here, who disbelieves evolution.

As for "evolution is incontrovertible" argument...

  - "Entropy and Evolution" (Published)

  - "A Second Look at the Second Law”, (Accepted, but withheld from publication “not because of any errors or
technical problems found by the reviewers or editors, but because the Editor-In-Chief subsequently concluded that the content was more philosophical
than mathematical,” according to the apology later published in the related journal.)

  - Generations past have accepted the sun as been the day's source of light, and the moon the night's. Are their identical sizes (identical as far as our eyes are concerned) a massive coincidence? Or evidence of design.

- If you saw a exponential decay curve (i.e. a long tail curve), with the tail quite apparently truncated at some point, would you assume an event likely caused the truncation?

One such curve is 'number of trees' (Y axis) versus 'tree-rings per tree' (X axis). The truncation is around 4800 tree-rings (X axis) - the number of rings in the oldest trees. If you allow for some trees adding more a ring a year (they do, but very rarely), this roughly coincides with the Biblical date for Noah's flood (4350 years ago), when the then-exant forest of the world would have been destroyed.

Another coincidence?

Comment Re:GPL trumps BSD as a usable open source licence (Score 1) 335

Well, if BSD wasn't around maybe OSX wouldn't be a viable Windows competitor. Maybe we'd still be using a successor of Trumpet WinSock to connect Windows PCs to the Internet. Maybe LLVM and gcc wouldn't be used to create widely-used mobile and desktop consumer applications (i.e. OSX application, using XCode). Maybe mobile applications would still be built mostly using Visual C++ to Windows Phone apps.

Comment Re:Linus said something... (Score 1) 552

Or more likely, his new motherboard chipset (or new drivers), caused the problem.

For example: ...
The RST (Rapid Storage Technology Option Rom ) and drivers are only allowing Trim to pass to the controller onto the drive in Intel 7 series chipsets using driver versions post

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 625

> My wailing offspring will laugh at your inability to cram the popular programming paradigm du jour into your overcrowded brain.
> Or did you believe your capacity to learn things is limitless? Think of it, there are only so many neurons there...

Ah, but they have not accounted for my ability to forget!...

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