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Comment Caution - implementation difficulties ahead (Score 1) 566

But it was just following SMTP's lead...

Remember one of the reasons (I'm sure there were others) SMTP won over X.400 was developers could telnet to port 25 and do their thing...

Until the day a new 'Protocol-aware telnet 2.0' translates user-entered commands to binary protocols on-the-fly, a binary HTTP 2.0 is a bad idea.

Comment Re:Better idea: (Score 1) 564

Or that a skilled designer used common, non-unique internal design features for his creations that are related... Like Ikea furniture

Talking about design features, consider the same relative size of the sun and moon (the ring of fire during an eclipse). Crazy coincidence, planetary evolutionary or design feature?

Comment Pillar of the earth? Or fifth column? (Score 1) 134

... TV has taken over social interaction. Inside and outside the family. Time was when we interacted and learnt social mores and life skills from entities who could respond to us. TV cannot. While I am sure Ralph Nader and similar outliers exist, TV has become what human nature and the bandwidth/cable access monopolies always destined it to be... manipulative and shallow programming, beholden to advertising interests engorged by the unnatural hold it has over our life.

Bread and circuses. We got one, one more to go...

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