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Comment I'm with you on this one (Score 2) 57

I've got an HTC One (that's a fine phone), but controls are f'in awful for some games. I can appreciate what many devs are trying to do, but some games simply need physical controls.
I'm very nearly going to buy a MOGA for those, but then that's just some handheld controls applied to a few games.
I *love* the idea of being able to stream my games from my PC to a handheld within my house, and decent controls chucked in, but... well it's really f'in obvious what the issue is. Most of the tech in the shield is already approximated in my phone and if I chucked on a MOGA than as far as I can see "I've bought a Shield" hardware-wise. Just seems wasteful to buy the hardware all over again.
What nVidia should be doing is adding the remote streaming in as a Tegra4 function. If the HTCTwo, or Galaxy5 gave me the streaming ability, and I just had to pick up a MOGA, then I'd be happy as a pig in shit (and it would certainly influence my choice of my *next* phone).

Comment So what are they going to do with his BTC? (Score 1) 620

Destroy them?
Sell them on?
I'm kindoff interested to see how this plays - are they treated as an illegal item with a 'street value', or will the illegal currency be sold on the open market and get some bonus legitimacy ("as retailed by the US government")?
I mean if they don't sell them, whilst there are willing buyers out there wishing to purchase a legal 'good', they're burning your taxes (and boosting the value of whatever's left floating around).
Use them for "their own purposes" (like seizing a Ferrari and using it in a sting) - they're then exposing themselves to some tracking ($5 to the first, track the FBIs bitcoin site).
Personally I've got no idea - but somebody's just cracked open the "big barrel of questions"

Comment Surely that argument is backward (Score 2) 1293

If "God created everything in a week" was accurate and provable, then it would be knowledge. Fine, heaven might have an entrance quiz, but regurgitating facts isn't an exhibition of faith.
If there's nothing to test the view that you hold, it's simply not faith.

There should be more evolution taught to enhance the levels of faith that Christians can hold. Surely learning about evolution, picking up a PhD, topping it with a Nobel prize for presenting categoric evidence for evolution, chucking in the missing link, and proving Monkeys evolved from humans - and then turning around to say you never actually believed any of it. Surely that's got to get you high "faith marks".

Comment Well I'd notice (Score 1) 138

I'm currently queuing for a BF game as I type and it gives me a nice list of server pings - and they start at around 10. If I looked tomorrow and the lowest I could see was 30ms then I'd think something was up.
Now playing a game I couldn't swear I'd notice the additional 20ms, but I'd notice if a delay suddenly appeared between me and all the servers.

Comment I choose not to be cynical (Score 4, Interesting) 150

The first batch of internet-made billionaires seem to be a reasonable nice bunch (by which I can only mean agree with my ideals).
They made more money than they knew what to do with, and quite a few of them have decided to take that wad and make a mark on the world with it.
I have no f'in idea if Elon will die on Mars, if Bill will eradicate Malaria, or if Jeff can generate unique editorial content to shape his country - but there's a little part of me that's just screaming 'yes'. He's not done it to make money, he's done it because he wants to - god knows, but I want to see what happens when journalists have a platform, the prestige and a backer with large piles of fuck-you-world money.
I just have a feeling that this is a bigger deal than Murdoch buying MySpace for twice the money.

Comment Pretty much agree (Score 1) 212

I guess the bit they missed was realizing that the ipad was just a games machine - did other stuff as well.
I'm never one to praise Sony, but with the VIta they at least pitched it right - we make games consoles. We've made the best portable games console we could. If you want a portable games console, please buy it.
I frankly fail to see if Nintendo think that the future is a touch screen, why they didn't just go software only. Square seem to have leapt into the tablet market with both feet, and just ignored the rest of the market and priced at the level they feel their games are worth.
Now I still feel that I'm missing out playing games on my phone, compared to a console, but with controller APIs just around the corner and the ability to shove something onto a bigger screen if you feel like it - I really can't see myself buying another console.

Comment Meh I disagree (Score 1) 119

I started off fine in maths, but stuggled towards the end of higher education.
Main reason is the gift of decent intelligence, eventually swamped by crippling laziness, but I digress.
Contributory factor was also that I was, and still am, piss-poor at visualizing concepts easily. Should my maths (or my physics) have had a practical outlet, then maybe they'd have stuck with me better. An example would be when I got to use one of those programmable turtle thingies. Yay, we can draw a line, then a box, then a square and well obviously it's time to draw a circle... and well that's how you learn about pi.

Comment Really doesn't matter what we say (Score 1) 433

The market will ultimately guide the publishers to the correct decision (which is what ultimately ends up making them more money) - it just might take some time, undoubtedly destroy some publishers and make some DRM shills rich - but we'll get there in the end.
Personally, I've got no issue at all with DRM per-se, but that's when the benefits to me outweigh the impact. I'm a happy subscriber to Spotify and Netflix, and I'm reasonably sure those services would never have happened if it was just a library of mp3 or mkv files.

Submission + - Can we DMCA the NSA? ( 1

goldcd writes: The Register has a story indicating that as well as slurping a lot of data they shouldn't have, the NSA also seems to have lifted their Prism logo without giving credit to the author.

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