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Comment Re:huh (Score 1) 212

If it's that important, why not just have uniforms?

In a way, they do have uniforms. The uniform is the method of dress spelled out in the dress code.Their uniform just has more variation allowed.

But what would uniforms save? You still need to tell people how to wear them. The US Air Force spends about 160 pages (annoying PDF) telling people how to wear theirs.

Comment Re:mind blowing? (Score 1) 465

Ok, let's get one thing straight -- the Cylons "evolving" into human form was not "mind blowing". It just wasn't.

Agreed. it wasn't even new to the Galactica canon. We first see human looking cylons in "The Night the Cyclons Landed" two-parter (aka "the halloween episode" with a special Wolfman Jack appearance) of Galactica 1980.

Comment Re:Cat (Score 3, Informative) 138

So really, the first picture of a human was porn, and not the picture in this article? That's awesome!

No. You made the mistake of reading the summary and thinking that somehow reflected what the fine article said. It's a common mistake here. If you actually take the time to read the rather brief article itself, you will find that the first photo of a human was in 1838.

Comment More fun with Math (Score 5, Informative) 175

399 images included the location of the camera at the time the image was taken, and 102 images included the name of the photographer. ...

Or, to summarize from the other point of view...

"97.4% of images did not include the location of the camera at the time the image was taken, and 99.3% of images did not include the name of the photographer. ... "


Submission + - Bing to Become Default iPhone Search?

snydeq writes: BusinessWeek reports ongoing talks between Apple and Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine for the iPhone. The discussions reflect an accelerating rivalry between Apple and Google, one that some believe will be the most important rivalry in tech in the years to come. 'Apple and Google know the other is their primary enemy,' says one person familiar with Apple's thinking. 'Microsoft is now a pawn in that battle.'

Submission + - Apple to make Bing default iPhone search engine? (

recoiledsnake writes: Business Week is reporting that Apple is in talks with Microsoft to replace Google as the default search engine on its iPhone, according to two people familiar with the matter. "Apple and Google know the other is their primary enemy," says one of the people, who's familiar with Apple's thinking. "Microsoft is now a pawn in that battle." Apple is also working on ways to manage ad placement on its mobile devices, a move that would encroach on Google's ad-serving business. The person familiar with Apple's thinking says Apple has a "skunk works" looking at a search offering of its own, and believes that "if Apple does do a search deal with Microsoft, it's about buying itself time."

Comment Re:The classic double speak (Score 1) 441

Charge for extra service for the offending 3%.


If someone buys "UNLIMITED" (all caps to match marketing material) access, shouldn't they be entitled to UNLIMITED (all caps to match marketing material) usage without being considered "offending"? That's like saying my family uses too much milk because we drink the full gallon instead of letting it go bad.

Comment Re:Assuming... (Score 1) 600

No it already happened, we just have not realized it yet, Friday September 13 1999 when the nuclear waste dump on the moon blew up and the Moon was torn from orbit, Remember?

The Gravitational sheer tore the planet apart.

We were all converted to Pure Energy and we formed a network of consciousness so our minds can live on called slashdot.

Comment Re:Amateurs (Score 2, Interesting) 600

We have a doomsday once every 365 days (except on leap years) when our calendar hits December 31.

I'm just being pedantic, I know, but our calendar (the Gregorian calendar) actually has a cycle of 400 years. The most recent cycle transition was in year 2000 (which was a leap year when it otherwise wouldn't have been).

Of course the rest of your comment is spot-on!

Comment Re:New Intel D945GSEJT & PC Engine Alix!!! (Score 1) 697

I've been advised to check out Alix boards as well, when my submission was still hanging in the air. I have looked at them and they seem a bit cheaper then Soekris boxes. Right now I'm in the process of buying an Alix board together with a small case and a 20 Gb disk. I can always upgrade that disk later on, or add an usb disk if I want to. I'm buying the complete system here in Holland for 138 Euro, so that's quite cheap. It comes with vga and 100Mbit nic, which should be good enough. If I upgrade the disk, it will cost me an additional 50 Euro for a 250 Gb disk (2,5").

Comment Re:In Tune... (Score 1) 338

We're native to earth.

There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. That they may have been the architects of the great pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive somewhere beyond the heavens...

Comment Re:Bede bede bede (Score 5, Informative) 342

DS9 only got good when they hired 1/2 the creative people off of B5

Which creative people would that be? There were 110 B5 episodes. Of those 92 were written by JMS. All 44 episodes of seasons 3 and 4 were scripted by him.

because fox said (You guessed it) B5 is cancelled.

That would be a peculiar thing for Fox to say, as B5 was produced by Warner Brothers and aired in syndication.

Amazingly they recanted

not quite... what happened is that TNT agreed to pick up the show.

which is why the last season of B5 was crap they had lost 1/2 their talent and squeezed the last 2 years of story arc into season 4 to finish the series.

The only person I recall leaving was Claudia Christian who played Cmdr Ivanova.

Damn you FOX!!

Fox had nothing to do with anything.

Good post. Next time try some facts.

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons dies at 61 (

BeanBagKing writes: From Amy Forliti of the Associated Press:
Dave Arneson, one of the co-creators of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game and a pioneer of role-playing entertainment, died after a two-year battle with cancer, his family said Thursday. He was 61.

Arneson and Gary Gygax developed Dungeons & Dragons in 1974 using medieval characters and mythical creatures. The game known for its oddly shaped dice became a hit, particularly among teenage boys.

The full article can be found here

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