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Comment Just another process crash? (Score 1) 45

"I'm going to rebuild the car kernel and take her out for a spin" Sentences like this can give a more literal meaning to the crash and burn of a process. I suppose they take the injured driver to a hospital with his core dump. Who guarantees there was even adequate unit testing done before a car goes out onto the highway with other unsuspecting drivers? Then again, I suppose its the same answer as to when I added the airbag suspension to my low-rider without getting my car re-inspected.

Comment Conclusion: it will never happen (Score 1) 360

I have been educating users for years on how to submit even vaguely reasonable problem reports. It's an uphill battle.

Everything in our system has a ticket id.
More than 90% of all problem reports never mention a ticket id.

Some of the worst offenders have been other developers!
If peer developers cannot do it, what makes anyone think that the regular user community will step up?

Regard it as an exercise in patience and endlessly request the ticket id that was missing from the original problem report.

Comment A fine example of American justice (Score 5, Interesting) 488

Terry Childs was clearly on an excessive one-man power trip. I don't think too many on /. think that deserves jail time though. A firing for unprofessional conduct: sure. A $1.5M fine? This just adds to the farce. I'm sure the head of the IMF will get a fair trial. He has already been convicted (by the media) and is in jail. ... now all we need to do is to get most of Wall Street in jail. They have been tried in the media but not put in jail.

Comment Stable by insistence? (Score 1) 106

>>LSE chief executive Xavier Rolet has insisted that the exchange, once a monopoly, will deliver record speed and stable trading
I'm not sure, even if a senior manager insists on stability, that it is guaranteed to happen. What he could do is to insist that, if any instability occurs in the new system, the workforce positions will also become unstable.

Comment Self-defence (Score 5, Funny) 309

Rumor has it that the server was seen holding what the mortgage officer thought was a weapon. The officer drew and repeatedly fired his weapon, pausing to reload 15 times because he believed his life was in danger. The server was fatally hit by 87 rounds, most of them entering through the rear of the chassis. No other weapon was found at the scene. The mortgage officer has been put on temporary desk assignment while an investigation is held.

Comment Don't like it? Know where the door is? (Score 1) 1018

Anyone who doesn't like the conditions of their job, whether it be pay or whatever, always has the right to quit (at least in this country). So if you think you can do better elsewhere, go for it. If you are proven wrong, scuttle back into a job working for the man while looking for the next opportunity to break free again. Sooner or later: profit!
The difference between winners and losers is that everyone loses, winners merely shake off defeat and try again.
My friend started 3 companies. The first 2 failed. He went back to working for someone else each time. The third one was a success. He eventually sold his share in the company for (I'm guessing) $40M. He retired before he reached 40.
I'm still trying :-(

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