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Journal Journal: Zombies... In my Garage! 4

Friends of mine shared this short video with me done by some local teens for a class project. It's called Zombies... in my garage!, and it's a Zombie flick influenced by Run Lola, Run. It is very, very well done; totally worth the watch. (Luke727, I think you of all people will get a kick out of it)

Comment Re:To play the devil's advocate... (Score 1) 5

It really doesn't matter whether he was using his Psecial TSA Powers as part of it or not. He's in a position of public trust and should be held to a higher standard. By your logic, and I realize it is a Devil's advocacy, Weiner's namesake really shouldn't be news either since he wasn't using his position (AFAIK) to send the pics. If he was not TSA but any other member of Law enforcement, from Judge to Junior Deputy Trainee, it is news because of the nature of the job.

Comment Re:Worked for me (Score 1) 2

Absolutely agree. I always thought of therapy as a great idea for everyone else. I went through it when I was going through my separation and it has helped me immmeasurably.

The analogy I use is if you think of emotions as muscles. A good therapist is like a personal trainer teaching you how to use your emotions. Plus, its nice having someone on your side.

Good luck, and feel free to email directly if you feel the need.

Comment Good Luck... (Score 1) 1

Changing yourself is hard to do, but I think it will be worth it. There is something to sharing your enjoyment with others. As a thuoght, if you remember the people who invited you out at work, back int he day, maybe you should invite them? They're likely the most social anyway and that could help jump start things, too. Especially after you get a bit more cleaned up.

Comment Re:lifetime of cameras (Score 1) 248

Have you looked at the procedure for making glass emulsion plates or tintypes? you won't be doing that, you have neither the materials nor knowledge. Again, I am amused how people think something is within their abilities because "people were doing it 100 years ago". They imagine they could make a steam locomotive from blocks of steel; they imagine they could make a half-megawatt polyphase alternator from iron and copper.

If you're the only one left, I totally agree. However, if people were able to do it 100 years ago, then as a group, we can figure it out again. I'm not saying that I can personally accomplish all of these things, but we are human after all, and our greatest strength is adapting.

Comment Indeed. (Score 1) 2

I saw the headline on Fark and was curious, but it seems like they just made a movie about rape, violence, gore, and rape. I have zero interest in seeing it.

I don't know if it was int he article you linked to, but apparently a group of contest winners whose prize was going to a movie premier at Cannes. Wanna guess which they saw?

Comment Firefly (Score 1) 1

I totally understand your feelings about Firefly, although for me it didn't make me feel empty so much as whole. It was after my separation, I had the weekend to myself, and was sick as a dog. A friend had loaned me his Firefly boxed set and watched almost all of them in a couple of days. Made me feel better, helped me forget my own misery, and took me wholly into another world. It is sad that its gone, and would that there would have been more, but it was simply awesome being able to disappear into that world for some of the crappiest of my days.

Comment Playoffs... (Score 1) 2

I agree with you but, at the same time, I think part of why Firefly was so good was because they honestly thought that every episode was going to be their last. They got along well, had great chemistry, and so poured everyhing into every episode. If they had known that they had a season or two garaunteed, I wonder if they would've put as much into every episode, or if they would have paced themselves more instead. So I think part of why it is so great is because it was so short lived, and if it had been longer, it wouldn't have been as good.

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