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Comment Re:Does fine print supercede large print? (Score 1) 193

Read this page and then note the "au" in the URL, not also the prices in Austalian dollars. It is clearly targeted to Australia and it highlights 4G capability.

It doesn't look that way to me. It reads:

Ultrafast wireless. Full speed ahead. Designed with next-generation wireless technology, the new iPad with Wi-Fi+4G connects to fast data networks around the world.

As a comparison, look at and Notice the big difference when talking about wireless? There's a gigantic 4G LTE on the default and no 4G LTE on the AU page.

Comment Re:Strong passcode option & delete after 10 at (Score 1) 375

I believe these two options in iOS will make it a bit more secure

1) Strong passcode option (alphanumeric and more than 4 characters)

2) Delete all data after 10 incorrect passcode attempts

Probably strong passcode option, but I'm guessing that this is done at a low enough level to bypass that other feature of iOS.

Comment Re:What about stronger passcodes? (Score 1) 375

iOS (and I guess Android) have another layer of passcode lock that's more secure than the 4-digit PIN, though it requires a bit more work. They're basically passwords (or pass phrases?) and while they're a pain, they are supposedly much stronger than the PIN.

How does this thing fix that?

It doesn't. They basically say that if there's a tough passcode, it might take so long as to be not worth guessing.

Dicksinson acknowledges that users who set longer passcodes for devices can in fact make the devices far tougher to crack. “The more complex the password, the longer and harder it’s going to be to access the phone,” he says. “In some cases, it takes so long to brute force that it’s not worth doing it.”

Comment Re:Previous Android gesture lock story (Score 4, Informative) 375

Weren't we reading just two weeks ago about how the FBI utterly failed in cracking an Android phone's gesture lock, and had to go demanding Google to help them?

That's actually referenced in the article, probably a case of a long/strong passcode.

Dicksinson acknowledges that users who set longer passcodes for devices can in fact make the devices far tougher to crack. “The more complex the password, the longer and harder it’s going to be to access the phone,” he says. “In some cases, it takes so long to brute force that it’s not worth doing it.” That may have been the situation, for instance, in one recent case involving the phone of Dante Dears, a paroled convict accused of running a prostitution ring known as “Pimping Hoes Daily” from his Android phone; The FBI, apparently unable or unwilling to crack the phone, asked Google to help in accessing it.

Comment Re: 8 and 4 (Score 1) 756

8-4 or 9-3, close enough. Although if you are driving the roundy-round NASCAR, you've got your left hand at 8, right hand at 10 and your right elbow at 2. You turn left for three hours in a big, heavy car and see how comfortable it is.

I've been hearing 9 and 3 for at least a decade now, so I'm not sure how this is news. If you know you're going to crash, by all means don't lock out your elbows in a death grip on the steering wheel. At racing school, I was taught (if you know you're going to crash), to cross your arms on your chest (think Egyptian mummy style).

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 1091

It's much much much more simple than that. Be usable, have a massive pile of good applications.

No, it has to be more than that. Hey, use Linux. Ok, so I can get the same thing I have and know now, but I have to learn how all these new programs work?

Some people call it a "killer app", but Linux on the desktop really needs something that makes people want to switch. Apple had all those iPhones and iPads that drove people to OS X. What does Linux have that will make normal people switch?

Hint: software freedom is not the answer to the above.

Comment Re:Solving the worng problem (Score 2) 140

Sure, sonic booms are (more than just) annoying, but that's not why we're highly unlikely to ever see supersonic commercial flight again.

The problem is that supersonic flight requires too damned much fuel for too little gain.

That's the whole point of the research, to find out how to fly faster, with less fuel. From the fine article (the MIT release):

They found that smoothing out the inner surface of each wing slightly created a wider channel through which air could flow. The researchers also found that by bumping out the top edge of the higher wing, and the bottom edge of the lower wing, the conceptual plane was able to fly at supersonic speeds, with half the drag of conventional supersonic jets such as the Concorde. Wang says this kind of performance could potentially cut the amount of fuel required to fly the plane by more than half.

Cutting fuel requirements by half and cutting drag by half, that's pretty good. Really, the headline is wrong-- they weren't out to remove sonic booms, but how to use and modify an old biplane design that reduces sonic booms to make a more fuel efficient supersonic design.

Comment Re:Smart people can be dumb (Score 2) 578

It was an Interior Checkpoint, which is the "third layer" of border patrol. The checkpoint in question it only about 10 or 20 miles from the US-Mexico border, just to the east of El Paso, situated on a stretch of I10 that has very few alternate routes.

I'm not sure about the legality or Constitutionality of these checkpoints, but if I were setting up a third layer to catch people that have slipped past the first two, this seems like a really good spot to do so.

No highways to the east get any closer to the border until you get down to the tip of Texas near Big Bend Ranch State Park. I10 past El Paso parallels the US-Mexico border for 60-80 miles. The checkpoint is located just where I10 turns into the interior of Texas; the perfect place to catch people that snuck across the border where it parallels I10 and are traveling east.

I've been through that border checkpoint probably more than half a dozen times. I've never seen any drugs dogs out, however.

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