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Submission + - Are webpage ads really so bad?

theNetImp writes: "I have a friend who just posted a status on Facebook. "No more FB Ads!" she exclaimed. Now I will admit there are plenty of ads on the internet that are obnoxiously annoying, like the mortgage ads with the dancing people. Then there are the NSFW personal ads that appear on some websites, but a majority of ads (especially the ones on Facebook) are relatively tame. It seems so many people want to view websites for free, but then they go and block the only means a company has of producing any revenue from the site. Websites can't run if they aren't making a profit, so why is everyone up in arms about "OMG ITS AN AD GOTTA BLOCK IT". Oh and is the information they collect really that big of an invasion. The most they get is the general area that you live in, and if you clicked an ad, oh and maybe what other sites you visit so they can see what ads actually might appeal to you. Is it so wrong that they might want to send you "useful" ads?"

Submission + - Internet tax approved by Louisiana House (wwltv.com)

Stinky Litter Box writes: "WWL-TV in New Orleans reports that the Louisiana House voted 81-9 on Thursday to propose that a "15-cent monthly surcharge should be levied on Internet access across Louisiana to fight online criminal activity." Can you say "slippery slope?" The good news is that Gov. Jindal opposes such a tax. Full disclosure: I grew up in south Louisiana and worked for WWL-TV in the late '70s."

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