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Comment Re:I get so tired of this..... (Score 2) 678

>>We are supposed to be believers in evolution, right? If you don't like my term of 'defect' for someone who takes themselves out of the gene pool please supply a better term. Many species have non-reproductive members that not only endure but are actually essential to the communities / species / gene pool that they are in. I suspect you might need less belief in evolution and more discernment into the subtleties of how it works in practice over large volumes of individuals and time. In a state of nature, your neighbors very likely contain most or all of the genes you singularly express, in certain configurations it would be advantageous for you to die or otherwise not contribute to reproduction directly if it allows the greater community to procreate -- spreading your genes through themselves rather than through you. Also, genetics and social policy are tangential at best.

Comment Re:They may have a point. (Score 1) 270

It depends on what kind of content, it seems like. Drawing has a lot of potential and people have been quite successful with it. It looks like music is shaping up to be useful as well. I find it very useful for short note taking and task management, though not great for something like writing a 10 page paper. Gauging from the note taking applications, I imagine making presentation decks or component diagrams is would be something to try.

Comment Re:A TV That's Incapable of Displaying Porn (Score 1) 270

There's nothing stopping you from watching porn on your iPad. Maybe what you're trying to say is that there is no native application that will stream porn due to the app store's policies?

There's a big gap between the former and the latter. I don't have any native applications on my desktop to watch streaming porn either. I either use my browser (which an iPad has) or I use a media player to watch saved files, which can be done with iTunes or other video players on the iPad. The whole iTunes ecosystem actually makes it very easy to have podcasts and porn sync'ed without any extra work. The closest thing to not being able to watch porn on the iPad is lack of Flash, but in the case of video there are apps to deal with that too.

It would be simpler if you just said "I don't like Apple" or whatever your personal stance is, rather than throwing pasta at the wall and seeing what sticks.


Submission + - Google tightens control on Android (

MadeInUSA writes: BusinessWeek reports that Google will start giving preferential treatment to some partners over others, who will have to wait longer to receive recent versions of the Android Operating System. Android was once touted as the free-as-in-Freedom, Open Source alternative to a sea of closed competitors such as RIM's Blackberry, Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Windows Phone. But is Google actually using tricks from the Playbook of these companies? Will Android be, in fact, a closed system due to Google's policy of witholding the latest and greatest source from the public?

Submission + - HIV Vaccine Almost Ready For Human Trials

An anonymous reader writes: AIDS vaccine is in final testing. Twenty years after HIV geneticist Bette Korber first began tackling HIV, her hard work — some would say "obsession" — may be finally paying off as she and her team gear up for the first round of human trials of an HIV vaccine. According to wikipedia there are several vaccine candidates are in varying phases of clinical trials and there have been at least 13 previous phase 1 trials.

Submission + - Trip Advisor Hacked (

studarus writes: Got an email this morning that Trip Advisor has been hacked and that "an unauthorized third party has recently stolen part of TripAdvisor's member email list." It's unclear how many information was stolen and if it impacts user names and passwords.

Submission + - P2P Music Downloads At All-Time Low ( 1

RedEaredSlider writes: Peer-to-peer music sharing, the type of service which helped create the digital music industry, is at an all time low.

According to research group NPD Group, the shuttering of Limewire's music file sharing service has led to a similar decline in the usage of such services throughout the U.S. The number has gone from a high of 16 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007 to just nine percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, right after Limewire shut down its file-sharing services due to a court order, when a federal judge sided with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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