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Submission + - The Rising Barcode Security Threat (heise-security.co.uk)

eldavojohn writes: "As more and more businesses become dependent on barcodes, people are pointing out common problems involving the security of one or two dimensional barcode software. You might scoff at this as a highly unlikely hacking platform but from the article, "FX tested the access system of an automatically operated DVD hire shop near his home. This actually demanded a biometric check as well, but he simply refused it. There remained a membership card with barcode, membership number and PIN. After studying the significance of the bar sequences and the linear digit combinations underneath, FX managed to obtain DVDs that other clients had already paid for, but had not yet taken away. Automated attacks on systems were also possible, he claimed. But you had to remember not to use your own membership number." The article also points out that boarding passes work on this basis — with something like GNU Barcode software and a template of printed out tickets, one might be able to take some nice vacations."

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