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Comment Re:'Grats (Score 1) 3

Well done...

Thanks. I have been cramming for weeks.

I couldn't, any more. My RH days are back in 2001...

Red Hat's definitely a different animal now, though the core should be familiar. The parts that make the exam hard are the parts that Red Hat in particular cares about but are generally not emphasized in other distros. And those parts are definitely post-2001.

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Journal Journal: [w00t] RHCSA cert 3

I took the RHCSA exam this morning, and managed to pass it on the first try.

And the villagers rejoiced.

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Journal Journal: [Music] This about sums it up 1

If every day goes like this, how do we survive?
We're working late on the night shift to get peace of mind.

Eric Prydz, "Every Day"

I can relate to this one all too well, especially of late...

Comment Not completely dead, but close (Score 1) 15

I have to agree with some of the other comments I see sprinkled here and there - it has become much more of a PITA to post here, and there are fewer and fewer people posting. There's enough happening to keep me somewhat interested, though.

Comment Re:Hey! (Score 1) 4

Thanks. I still am here, and I still read most of your frequent posts (though sometimes I don't quite understand what you post). I have been meaning to ask you: how in the world do you find the stuff you post (in particular the links)? Sometimes you post things that really startle me and I can't figure out if you're on some mailing list or if you just know where to find stuff...

Comment Re:Raises hand! (Score 1) 4

Still baking?

I don't have the time anymore because of the work I do. I have reached a point, though, where I need to consider doing something else (or for someone else) so I have my time with my family again.

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Journal Journal: [misc] Still here 4

It has been close to a year since I have bothered to post anything on here. I still read almost daily, and once in a great while I find something on here that entices me to comment though it's rare. Anymore the room is quiet, with the occasional political post or the intermittent technical post.

Comment You're in good company (Score 1) 5

Not everyone left. I don't post often but I frequently read.

Oddly enough, Multiply's social stuff is about to go away.I have no clue where everyone plans to go as I was never really a serious part of the community. I imagine they'll scatter to the winds. I am curious to see if anyone returns.

Comment Yes it can (Score 1) 6

If I didn't have to use Windows at work, I wouldn't.

And, the games are slowly coming more and more. It's a matter of time. The only real decision is choosing a distro - Ubuntu's probably the best choice for a new convert. I'm in deep with Red Hat but I do load up Ubuntu in a VM.

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