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Comment Re:The problem is WIndows, not the DOS extender (Score 2) 8

Eh, this was just an exercise in curiosity with a dose of insomnia tossed in there for good measure. To be honest I do not think JtS's suggestion of using DOSBox will improve matters but there's little to lose by trying. At a minimum I will come away knowing more than I did when I started.

Of course, I could just compile it under Linux with gcc and watch it fly, but that's a different exercise.

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Journal Journal: [geek] Windows Console App vs. DOS 32-bit app 8

Ok, not the most glamorous topic to kick off the new year but you get what you pay for. This is the first JE I have posted in several months, not because of ill will or dissatisfaction here, but simply because I do not have the time I once had to post.

Comment I use wxWidgets (Score 3, Interesting) 331

I have had good success with wxWidgets on both Windows and Linux. That said, it's the *only* cross-platform GUI development library I have used and I am used to it. Rather than use anchors for placing window components it uses something called sizers which are a lot harder to work with until you get used to them. It can be used with a variety of languages (C++ and Python are the two big ones, though there is support for hooking into Java as well) and the licensing is sane.

Though I do favor wxWidgets (as it's all I really know) I believe QT is a lot more complete as a library. Depending on what you're doing, QT may be a better fit for your needs.

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Journal Journal: [misc] Mining the past can be poisonous 2

The deeper you delve into the distant past, the richer the pain and sorrow you may find. Sometimes, the truth is best left unknown - knowing may bring healing, but it can also crush you with unbelievable weight.

Ask yourself - do you really want to know? How badly? Is it worth it?


Submission + - Microsoft says "We Love Open Source"

" rel="nofollow">GeckoFood writes: "In an interview with NetworkWorld, a representitive for Microsoft says "We love open source". From the article: "In 2010 Microsoft is trying hard not to be public enemy No. 1 to open source proponents, in some cases by making key contributions to open source code and in other cases by making Microsoft products interoperable with open source software." This is a very interesting statement from a company with a well-established reputation for being fiercely competitive and unwilling to concede even a little market share in any area of the market."
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Journal Journal: [misc] Sadness 3

A word of advice for my friends.

You can spend decades searching and searching for people from the past. When you finally find them, be ready for the memories to flood back and be ready to accept that their recollection of you may very well be the last thing you'd expect.

That is all.

Comment Re:Apple lost me long ago (Score 1) 33

You'd expect that they'd be more careful if someone tells them they had been dissatisfied in the past.

Considering all of the coolness kudos they get for their products, they may have just gotten indifferent.

The only way I would buy an Apple system right now is if I needed it to create cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux and OS X. I just don't feel a desire to support the platform. And, you know, in my Linux travels I uncovered a distro called MoonOS that was an Ubuntu derivative with some of the OS X feel to it - close enough should I decide to go that route.

Comment Apple lost me long ago (Score 1) 33

I gave up on Apple years ago. I bought an iPod with the extended warranty that was supposed to cover battery replacement. When the battery was to a point where it would no longer maintain enough charge to be useful I contacted Apple and made arrangements to have it sent in for service. It came back a few days later with a service note - "Unable to reproduce problem". They did manage to wipe the memory though.

I don't care how "great" Apple's stuff is, I will never buy another Apple product. If they cannot honor a service agreement, then they don't need my money.

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