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Comment Well stop trying to hack people! (Score 2, Interesting) 562

1. It is ineffective. The Koch brothers stance that there is some Liberal Conspiracy going on, hacking them and creating a DOS only proves their paranoia, and only makes them more resolved to continue.

2. It could hurt the wrong people. Are you hitting only their data center, or is that data center shared with other organizations as well. I had a job at a placed that hosted Electronic medical records. We had an external hosting site... They also hosted a big evil bank. They DOS the Bank but they also DOS thousands of doctors EMR systems. Granted we had a backup route, but that may not be the case.

3. You put your views on the moral low ground. Are your point so week and irrational that you need to jump into a technological bulling to get your point across.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 2) 72

Consumer demand.

At the saving of battery life and natural non back-lighting you loose refresh speed, and brightness of the device, and the ability to use it in the dark without some external light shining on it.

We have the Kindle and the Kindle Fire. One with ePaper and one with an LCD display. The Kindle is only for reading, the Kindle Fire is for much more.
When given an option people usually choose more.

In countries such as Korea and China, battery life may be more necessity over more features.

Also companies like to try out product ideas in other countries as to get a general feel for the product before they go into mass production.

Comment Re:No company can build well with a bad spec (Score 1) 275


Cover Oregon is full of paper-related security breaches. Until they fix the security process, I for one will NOT be trusting them with my personal data- especially not filled out on paper and snail mailed.

Comment Re:Freedom of thought (Score 5, Insightful) 392

Freedom of speech isn't safe. In fact it is very dangerous. That is why the United States has that first in its bill of rights, because it is so dangerous, you need a powerful law to keep it intact.

But it is really fair for the Government to say protect Far Left ideas while trying to hinder far right ones?

Now I do not support this ideology, and I agree it could lead to dangerous behavior. But trying to suppress it, could be worse. That means you could have a large population afraid to speak their minds. And if there was a government shift to the Far Right, there could be far more supporters then you would think. With little education to help moderate many of them.

Freedom of Speech and Democracy are hand and hand. Now Democracy isn't about getting the best leader, it is about balancing safety with freedom of speech.
If you have Far Right ideas and you are vocal about them, and you still loose each election, it means you probably will not be able to take over the government, any attempt including military fill fail as bulk of the citizens will be against you. However if you hinder the freedom of speech, you could have the majority to join on your side in case of some revolution happens.

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