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Comment Re:I never understood the principle. (Score 1) 454

You address my specifics about sourcing with more assertion from selective and unexamined sources.

Even former Bush officials are warning that the alleged Syrian chemical use is possibly an Israeli operation.

Somehow, you assert that "uncivilized" regions, can be brought to enlightenment through the enforcement of state-sponsored violence. Yes. This is what you say. Period. You are a complete stooge for big government. A complete lackey.

I ask you again: Before you bitch at me, why aren't you on the front-line with a rifle, making the world safe for "democracy"?

You talk VERY BIG about understanding the reality of war, you hypocrite. So I again say, you know so much about it? I'll give you a Glasgow whipping.

Comment Re:In Depth Fisking for the time crunched: (Score 3, Insightful) 1255

Even if I didn't agree with it all, the Slate article was pretty well written and had some pretty insightful points to make.

In comparison, I found Larry Correia (who is he anyway, some no-name pulp fiction author?) to be someone with an axe to grind against liberals, and nothing more than corny rebuttals.

His comments lacked much, nay, any insight, and just sounded like an angry diatribe. I hadn't read the original article, but after reading Larry's idiotic rebuttal, I went back and read it, and if anything, the rebuttal made me feel more sympathetic to Allison's position.

Maybe he should stick to writing crappy monster novels and leave the real writing to those with talent.

Comment Re:I never understood the principle. (Score 1) 454

It is racist to say that the various peoples of the Middle East live in an essentially non-civilized state. That is a view you have formulated based on liberal-media lies, justifying interventionism and a lopsided commitment to Israeli interests.

Syrian President Asad who gassed his people.

Did not. Assertion of "facts" not in evidence. People who spout this sound like those who parroted Colin Powell on Iraq. The word is "brainwashed".

I'd look closer at how these three letters are related:

January 26, 1998 letter to Clinton.

September 20, 2001 letter to Bush.

"Neocons Push Obama to Go Beyond a Punitive Strike in Syria"

Comment Re:NPR for a demographic agenda sprinkling (Score 1) 4

You have cause and effect reversed.

NPR is how US Dept of State and big finance convince "hippy professors" to support their agenda - by appealing to their prejudices and do-good vanities. It is a way to get the "educated liberal class" in line with the agenda of Empire, which runs otherwise contrary to their sentiment.

In the end? Most are like other American, middle-class hypocrite NIMBYs, who'll complain about injustice from the safety of their Prius, on the way to the Nike Superstore...

Comment Re:I never understood the principle. (Score 3, Insightful) 454

Rich people make you peasants fight, having first convinced you that you have a dog in the race.

They get richer, while you get deader - and the longer it drags, the more they make.

So? Climb down off that "society" nonsense. DO you actually believe that you are a part of the same society as David Rockefeller or Mikhail Khordokovsky?

Rockefeller is closer to the same society as Bashar Al-Assad, than any of us. It takes billions of dollars of media coverage and public education, to convince us otherwise.

Comment Re:I never understood the principle. (Score 0) 454

You are an a-historical, racist little shite.

Despite your serious dog-eat-dog bluster, I am pretty sure that on a street, with even footing, that I'd scare your little suburban arse so badly, that the shit, leaking down your leg, would trail all the way back to your mother's house.

So quit it with the armchair machismo, and put your money where your fucking mouth is, child. Grab a rifle, a parachute, and sign up to shoot foreign women in the face. Or close your rancid face, justifying murder.

Don't play this off. I seriously WILL fucking call you out on the street, and we will see who knows about "play pens".

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