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Comment Re:That's all well and good (Score 1) 46

Cornel is a real good human being. The other two are media clowns, promoted in the mainstream to remove black voices as a part of serious discourse. They'll never risk another Dr. King.

Now, To be an "Industrial Complex", one must already possess an elite imbalance of wealth, influence and actual power. The "Industrial Complex" tag implies a large scale, anti-republicanism that seeks cartel/conspiratorial influence over public policy, promoting the participants narrow self-interest and financial rewards - at the expense of the society's greater god. It was coined by Eisenhower about the cold-war profiteering which had it's roots as early as the Gen. Smedley Butler revelations.

Submission + - Every Public Schoolkid in LA Will Get an iPad in 2014 (

Jeremiah Cornelius writes: After signing a $30 million iPad deal with Apple in June, the Los Angeles School Board of Education has revealed the full extent of the program that will provide tablets to all students in the district. CiteWorld reports that the first phase of the program will see pupils receive 31,000 iPads this school year, rising to 640,000 Apple tablets by the end of 2014. Apple previously announced that the initiative would include 47 campuses and commence in the fall.

Comment Re:Lesson One (Score 0) 213

I can see the misunderstanding. I didn't claim they were kernel - just that perceived problems with Windows were seldom actually kernel issues. At least directly.

Kernel-level drivers, with bad or non-existant threading models, mechanically executed ports from earlier Windows versions and crappy error handling. That has polluted the NTExecutive kernel - an otherwise admirable piece of software.

The modern Windows kernel is much improved from the original. Design ideas around NUMA that hearken to Cray and SGI are present, and support multi-core in remarkable ways, that differ from the old SMP problems. The support of virtualization is also an ESX rival.

These ideas were also cleverly pilfered. The most unethical sorts of things happen at MS - and I happen to know of at least two competitive marketing-funded operations, which could be called "dirty tricks" or "black bag" teams.

There have been brilliant technical leaders in this space beside Cutler - who has been at pasture for years. Bill Laing is salt-of-the-earth. I am fond to recollect the few occasions I had to meet him. Mark Russinovich is also a certifiable genius, and responsible for influencing the additional capabilities in NTExec in impressive fashion.

We have 25 years, passing from those old days. So? NT Exec was more-or-less VMS. Shall we say a strongly typed derivative? Those who say they don't see the resemblance, are like those who don't know why OS X is like BSD. ;-)

This brings up another comparison: Modern Windows is an updated, VMS legacy branch in much the way OS X is an updated, NeXTStep branch...

Comment Re:Why yes, I would. (Score 1) 209

Of course you can design a robot to not go too far in case of a system failure. You know by putting a mechanical stop in the flexibility of the joint.

The thing is to properly test the equipment. You can have an improperly trained person cause just as much damage. The neat thing with robots, you can get it programmed to a particular degree of accuracy. then you can duplicate it over and over. For people it is like having to write a new program every time.

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