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Journal Journal: The Very Last /. Journal

Hi folks,

Well, I've completely converted to SlashChick.com. I was holding off since I didn't have the "put your email address here to receive updates" box, and I figured some of you would forget about me without the /. message system to remind you. ;)

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Journal Journal: Introducing SlashChick.com -- new home of SlashChick!

I've posted my first blog over at SlashChick.com. This will be my new home for blogs. Right now I'm trying out Wordpress, which looks like it will fill my needs quite well. (More on blog software on the new site.)

I'll come over here and post whenever I put a big entry up there, but you'll have to comment over there. Leave me feedback there as you wish.

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Journal Journal: Update re: my life. LAST PERSONAL /. JOURNAL.

I've decided to not use Slashdot to post personal journals any more. Oh, sure, I'll still post business updates, etc. But I need to move to a blog system where I have control. A friend of mine recently came to the same conclusion, and now I understand why. He, too, posted personal things to his journal and received a few astoundingly negative comments. Sad, too, because his journal entry,

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Journal Journal: People-watching: My favorite sport 3

So I find myself today sitting at a Panera in Nashville, TN. How I got here is a long story which I will perhaps save for a later Slashdot journal. Anyway, having not been to Nashville in many years, I came to this particular food establishment since it has free Wi-fi and I have about 3 or 4 hours to kill. I figured I might as well kill them in style by going to a place with free Internet access.

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Journal Journal: So, right... 1

Kind of had it with Slashdot. They banned my entire IP range again and again for over a week now, because someone on my ISP keeps screwing around. Ban expires, I get a few hours of access and after that it's gone again. Repeatedly reported the ban on my IP and asked for a solution, but nothing.

So, fuck Slashdot.

Now, let's give this Kuroshin thing a try...

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Journal Journal: I Have A New Lover (Part 2) 7

This is the serious journal I wanted to write earlier. The Treo problems sort of blindsided me, but I've been meaning to write a serious journal for a while, and this is as good a time as any.


Journal Journal: I Have A New Lover! 5

I bet the title scared the crap out of some of you. (There are no less than 5 of you reading this journal who want to date me.) But that's okay... who needs men when I have a new Treo 600? :D


Journal Journal: My Treo Hates Me!!! 2

You know, I was going to write something deep in my Slashdot journal tonight, but this will have to do.

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Journal Journal: Looking Back... 18

Tonight, a friend of mine sent me a 66-page PDF of some childhood stories he wrote down and gave to his mom. As I've been reading them (I'm about halfway through) and laughing as I imagine a terrified little kid in church or him having to put up with his family's antics, I'm realizing I don't have that many childhood stories to share.

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Journal Journal: Hey! Stop Shaking Me, World! 12

So I'm sick again...the second time in two weeks. Getting sick appears to have a direct correlation to the number of hours I sleep. I had 7 straight days where I got 4-6 hours of sleep a night, and I still hadn't fully recovered from my other cold...bam, another one.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot Fuckups 16

Ah yes, Slashdot. Been here for a year or two. Don't really keep track to be honest with you people, considering the exact date isn't really that important unless you're really anal about a time-of-joining based hierachy. In which case, UIDs would be a better indicator of 'status' to start with, but I digress. This is nothing about the Slashdot pecking order but more about the current state of Slashdot

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