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Comment KVM + management suite (Score 2) 417

Libvirt and the improvements to KVM plus Xen getting mainlined (is that the right term?) has to be hurting VMWare. Rackspace, along with a lot of major players, are spearheading OpenStack which ought to be a major open source enterprise player when it matures. Also, cloudstack recently went 100% open source which puts even more pressure on VMWare.

Also, projects like OpenVSwitch are putting major pressure on the proprietary vendors too.

Comment what an oppurtunity! (Score 1) 480

Man I would be learning everything I could get my hands on/enrolled in. Having said that, don't over do it. A good network is a simple network and don't forget that everything will be running on it so if it breaks everything breaks.

They guy above who said to contact an HP Gold Partner has the right idea but do the work yourself that way you learn it instead of just contracting it out. From the sounds of it it's not like you're going to be buying insane networking gear that supports OC-19whatever so sticking with a firm like HP and taking the best practices route is the way to go.

Comment Re:Obvious question from their perspective (Score 1) 1307

I replied above but logged in this time. It's only a HIPPA violation if patient identifiable information is given to non-authorized parties. So a calendar filled with patient info would only be a violation if non-hospital employees were looking at it. Even then, the info has to be specifically patient identifiable so like a schedule of operations published to the world is not a HIPPA violation . I work as a software dev in pharmacy and deal with a lot of prescription data, as long as we don't tie SSN's (which are being phased out) or names and addresses to the drugs being dispensed then we can do whatever we want with the data.

Comment tsunami coming ashore in Hawaii now per cnn (Score 2) 431

CNN is saying the tsunami is coming ashore in Hawaii now, they said they've been evacuating all night so hopefull there will be no deaths. A buddy of mine in Japan said he felt the shaking for "6 or 7 hours" he's checking in regularly on facebook so i know he's safe. thoughts and prayers to all those affected.

Comment I was at school in FL (Score 2) 236

I was at school in Port Orange (small town next to Daytona Beach). We could see it from the playground, they sent us all home. All the teachers were crying, got home, parents had come home from work and they were crying. It was pretty surreal for an elementary school kid.

I distinctly remember the SRB's winding down from the explosion.

Oddly enough, I am now living in Dallas which wasn't far from ground zero for the Columbia breakup. I remember hearing it thinking it was thunder, it was early enough in the morning that I was half asleep and didn't think it odd to hear thunder on a clear day. My sister called me to tell me to turn on the television. A buddy of mine was a brand new journalist in Tyler/Longview and covered much of the disaster. I think one of his stores or photographs was picked up by the NYT.

Comment key exchange problem (Score 2, Insightful) 94

Ok but how to do you communicate the "protocol" to your audience which may be scattered around the globe? And how do you guarantee communicating the "protocol" hasn't been compromised? As soon as the "protocol" is discovered it becomes easy to begin censoring again. I suppose it could work if you could be face to face with the person you're trying to communicate with and manually give them the "protocol" but if you can do that then you can just exchange public keys too and use the standard public key cryptography setup.

Comment parallel to operations (Score 1) 243

I work in a small independent pharmacy chain in Texas, we have about 15 stores and maybe around 110 employees total.

Our IT department consists of me (Senior developer), a Junior developer, a Sys. Admin, and my boss who has the title VP of I.T. My boss is at the same level as the CFO and COO even though he doesn't have a "C" title and they all report to our CEO/owner. My projects mostly cross in to the operations department but the I.T. department has its finger in all departments. Our system administrator deals mostly with the pharmacies themselves where I mostly work with the corporate staff but also deal a lot with the pharmacies. My boss has the most experience (aside from the CEO) with the pharmacy business of all the executives so he basically consults for the other department heads. We routinely work on accounting concepts and ideas for the CFO as well as managing profitability with dispensed drugs for Operations.

Unlike most grunts I have 100% confidence in my boss and the other executive level people here. I think I got that way because they're very upfront and candid, no sugar coating, no jargon, no exec speak. If your project rocks then it rocks if it sucks then it sucks and they've been 100% right so far (i've been here 10 years).

Submission + - 210 million Facebook friends graphed by region (businessinsider.com)

trybywrench writes: From the first paragraph of the article: "As I've been digging deeper into the data I've gathered on 210 million public Facebook profiles, I've been fascinated by some of the patterns that have emerged. My latest visualization shows the information by location, with connections drawn between places that share friends. For example, a lot of people in LA have friends in San Francisco, so there's a line between them."

Comment communicate from dreams (Score 5, Interesting) 175

I want a way to communicate with the outside world from within a dream. If you could get lucid dreaming perfected you could get a day's work in while your physical body is resting. Then when you're awake you have the day off. ...of course i'm sure this will just devolve into working during the day and when you're asleep too heh.

Comment British Museum (Score 1) 306

I'm not surprised the meteorites sat in the British Museum for so long before being given a good once over. There's so much crap in there it would blow you away. Their section on Egypt is bigger and better than the whole King Tut exhibit tour. hehe it's no wonder other countries are like "um can we have our stuff back?"

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