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Comment Re:Java and not javascript (Score 2, Interesting) 306

Point taken, but then large corporations can define which version of which browser or JVM is standard and installed on their users' machines, n'est-ce pas?

Their corporate machines, yes. But I am an off-site worker (embedded as a contractor elsewhere) so need to use my personal machine at home to do my time cards, expense reports, etc.

Comment Re:Java and not javascript (Score 5, Informative) 306

I've had Java disabled for years, and have only ever had to enable it for broadband speed test applets.

Then you are very lucky, and likely don't work for a ginormous company whose only way to not make things in ActiveX is to make them in Java. My timesheet program = Java. My Expense Report software = "Extensity" which seems to only like one version of the JVM. Lucky you!

Comment Re:The Science Teacher Who Cleaned The Chem Closet (Score 1) 500

I remember a similar thing happening at Drexel around the 1993-95 timeframe. The coolest thing (I thought) was that the hazmat team had a converted lunch truck that was a library on wheels. All kinds of 3-ring binders, I assume mostly MSDS sheets. Now they're prolly all on Toughbooks. At least I would hope...

Comment Re:DVR (Score 1) 753

No, this is FOX. Which means that any sport can move the schedule around on you. Now, I'm no sports fan, but I am familiar with the Heidi Bowl. What gets me about FOX is that they'll gladly push a show around (mostly the Sunday evening animation blocks) for the post-game show. The game is over, and they'll overrun other programming to sit around and talk about what already happened they will provide some grand insight into what YOU JUST SAW. THAT pisses me off.
Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: 802.11b vs 802.11g - a quick comparison

I cannot get this thing to connect with Encryption On using the SMC software, so I cannot turn on/off this 'Nitro' thing... was used to test. This program ROCKS!!! Server Linux, client WinXP Pro.
30 seconds per test, 8KB window (default) You can see there is a push and a pull test.

iperf --format K --port 999 -s
iperf -c neuvreidaghey -r -t 30 -p 999 --format K

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Journal Journal: LASIK Journal: One month follow-up

Nothing to say! Things are going fine / great. Still some halo / glare at night and really really bright things like blue LEDs. My left eye still drifts but is doing much better. The doctor said the tears still look thin on that side so still no worries.

- RR

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: LASIK Journal: Day... Um... 2nd Friday since the Wednesday

Things are still going well. I had my checkup yesterday. The doctor assured me that the fuzziness in my left eye is not as bad as I think. He did that by using a tiny blower to blow in my right eye and I saw what he meant - my left eye is still much drier than the left. He confirmed that when he examined them (before the explanation above).

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Journal Journal: LASIK Journal: Day Six

Nothing new really. Everything went fine today at work (aside from the decreased productivity with everyone asking me how it went). Was able to work the whole time OK (but again, I have an LCD, and don't need to sit in front of the PC all day). Had a seeing contest with a co-worker and the lucky bastard was about the same as me (for free - d@#n genetics!).

No new pains. Still some burning with one of my drops. My left eye is slightly fuzzier still.

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