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Comment Re:reason and common sense (Score 1) 208

I don't throw around apologetic words when I have nothing for which I need to apologize. I also don't adhere to stereotypes; I don't say "eh" and I dislike Big Business hockey (though Olympic hockey is appealing), but maple syrup is f*n awesome.

It's fine if you want to refute my nationality, but you'd best have some fact to back your claim. FWIW I grew up near Ottawa on the Quebec side of the river, and currently live in Cambridge. I've experienced first-hand Quebec-nationalist separatism during my adolescence and college years, and am looking forward to visiting our Maritime provinces next summer with my daughter.

Canada is a melting-pot of nationalities, so making a claim about how "we" talk is, frankly, just racist.

Comment Support Infrastructure? (Score 1) 239

Rural, with limited ISP availability already, likely means that many potential customers don't have computers, and certainly aren't used to dealing with things like virus problems, being inundated with advertisements, and slow computers with bloatware. Think of all the computer problems your close relatives have approached you with in the last 5 years. Now expand that figure to represent your potential customer base. As a one-man ISP, are you prepared to deal with the volume of support requests? In a small community, there's a level of expectation that goes beyond the grey area of "no, that's a problem on your computer, not with your internet service" that larger ISPs manage to pull off. Are you prepared to draw lines (and throw a rift between you and your country bumpkin customers) or to invest the time demanded by not drawing them?

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