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Comment Combination of answers, with contingencies (Score 1) 210

If there is a place you can donate to a less-fortunate destination (local or overseas school, library, etc) then make this your priority.

Else, if you can sell it in bulk on Kijiji/Craigslist for cheap (think $1 per monitor), then sell it, and donate the money to a good cause. They mightn't benefit from monitors and VCRs, but they can certainly use the money. I suggest in bulk, because you don't want to be supply-chain-managing a bunch of crap, do you?

Else, if you can recycle it, do so. Hoarding a bunch of worthless archaic junk that you can't get rid of will just mean you're hoarding a bunch of worthless archaic junk that you can't get rid of!

Else, build a time machine. :-)

Comment Inventory (Score 2) 770

For the future, consider inventorying, photographing, and valuating as many possessions -- no matter how seemingly negligible. Then ensure that your insurance policy actually covers the cost of replacing as much as possible at full retail value.

There are apps, applications, and web apps which enable you to realistically valuate your possessions, to ensure that your insurance company is giving you a fair amount for theft.

Comment Cooking and Technology (Score 3, Insightful) 115

Cooking (i.e. successfully cooking something that is palatable, enjoyable, nutritious, and visually attractive) is about ingredients and directions just as much as it is about taste, smell, personal preferences, dietary requirements, culture, tradition, and intuition.

Creativity is not a problem that needs to be solved by technology.

Comment Thoughts (Score 1) 384

The mobile site is somewhat unresponsive on my Galaxy Nexus. I found I had to "swipe more" to get the site to scroll. This doesn't occur elsewhere, so I can only assume it's the toolkit you're using.

The orange-to-teal header background takes a visibly long time to load; with the support on mobile phones being what it is, it would make sense to render this using SVG or Canvas, and cut down on load time.

The UI theme is rather quirky, and doesn't animate fluidly, for example when loading new content, drilling deeper into settings, and the like.

Comment Humanitarian(esque) (Score 2) 299

Without going into conspiracy theories and donning tinfoil hats, the idealistic situation where I can go "anywhere" and WiFi is available to me, seems nice. I wouldn't need a data plan from my ISP except for extremely rural areas where network penetration is nigh impossible.

Essentially, this is an initiative which attempts to bring everyone up-to-speed with current internet accessibility technology, and puts everyone on an equal playing ground. Folks who can't afford internet access, folks in rural areas who don't bother with internet access due to lifestyle/need or current access limitations. Elderly who often don't approach the internet world due to technology's general confusing nature.

It seems that earliest adoption should be implemented in such a fashion as to bear the most impact for the greatest number of people (e.g. low-income residences, schools, libraries, or some other demographic). But are there other, more important "everyday human" needs, which the FCC can and should address, rather than attempting to offer a public WiFi mega-network?

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