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Comment USS Enterprise (Score 1) 618

No doubt the USS Enterprise would strip that hulking mass down piece by piece. An Imperial Star Destroyer couldn't pick off a single smuggler. The USS Enterprise is nimble, fast, has shields, a wide array of offensive armaments, and can actually hit what they are shooting at. A couple of photon torpedoes to the helm and that's all that's needed. All an Imperial Star Destroyer can do is widely shoot in the hopes of hitting something nearby.

Now if you talk about boarding parties, the USS Enterprise would be sunk if boarded by Storm Troopers. They don't care about doors; they shoot through them.

Comment Back to the present (Score 1) 658

Every time I tried I keep ending back to the present. I enter my time traveling water closet and when I come out, I find I have only traveled a mere few moments into the future and into the present. I think the time stream is purposefully looping me back to where I am. Obviously there must be a larger conscience effort from those that control the stream of time preventing my travels and thus acknowledging that either I am a retard and would only screw up history as we know it. Or it's a conspiracy to prevent my full growth of potential mental powers in upending the cosmic balance. I'm happy with either scenario.

Comment Match made in the court room (Score 1) 109

I can't see this as a real win for anyone. Basically the judge has forced a friendship; akin to a school teacher making two kids that hate each other play together on the playground. In the end HP looks weak as it exposes their dependence. And Oracle wins because they still have an in with customers.

HP customers will be happy that HP fought for them, but the exposure that HP does not have a real database to call their own becomes blarringly obvious.

Oracle can be the big winner if in fact they not only support Itanium, but do so well that when customers are ready to upgrade, they will want Oracle hardware too.

Comment Beware of free milk from IaaS / SaaS providers (Score 1) 30

This is the free as in milk tactic in hopes to get IT departments hooked on HP services. Cloud services are awesome if you are into IT-BDSM. Because you are slipping your privates into a noose someone else controls. First visit is free, you like it, then you start to need it, then you are trapped. This is another form of vendor lock-in.

Well played HP. Or should I say Madam HP?

If you want cloud services, then build it yourself using the exact thing HP is using for free. Openstack.

Comment TV? (Score 2) 396

Seems like anytime a really good show comes on it gets cancelled because it cost to much to continue the production. So DC and Marvel comics beable to keep the costs down and still be really entertaining?

If Firefly can't make it, then I doubt a comic book hero story line can make it.

Comment To: Yahoo employees (Score 1) 302

Prepare for major restructuring, business unit realignment, and lay-offs. Every CEO rearranges the company in their own image and Yahoo's image does not match Marissa's image and barely makes money.

So it's time to select and find sacrafices to be offered to save your rear.

Comment To think what could have been (Score 3, Interesting) 188

I wonder what fate WebOS and the HP tablet/smart phone could have been if Mark Hurd didn't well find himself in a situtation with Jodie Fisher. Mark Hurd made HP the largest player in the PC market and was in my mind moments away from erasing Carly Fiorina's skid mark smudge. Then like any really good car crash scene, a blind side hit that literally spun the company around on it's axis. HP had the option to keep the plans that Mark Hurd laid out and kept the massive SS HP going with a vision. But like many crash victims, dazed and confused, HP board of directors showed how truely imcomponent they are. And now HP has no smart phones, no tablets, barely hung on to PSG, slashed its stock value in half, and a lame duck CEO.

Thank you Jodie Fisher and Mark Hurd for your stellar performance in crippling a company and delivering the death blow to Palm and the crippling blow to HP.

Comment I'm reminded (Score 1) 316

I'm reminded yet again why I was and still am leery of Java. So Oracle's Chewbacca defense is Elvish? Oracle is becomming a collective used douche bag. First they screw over MySQL, lame duck Open Office, and now they want to go down the road of burning all the bridges Java has built because they never got off the golf coarse with smart phones. Finally a company worse than the one I'm stuck at.

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