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Comment Re:Raiding (Score 1) 175

Look, maybe it's you. If you see a paladin in the video and you don't know what to do because you're a warrior, it's not the game. It's not the class. It's not the encounter. It's you.

And no, tanking's not hard. You survive, you did a good job. You die, it was either your gear or your healers. Tanking involves very little skill nowadays. You've got a handful of cooldowns you use every couple minutes, and that's about it. DPS has to manage more at once, and healing is where the challenge really is.

"I don't know how to raid" is sort of meaningless on its own. What part is it you don't know, exactly?

Comment Re:Raiding (Score 1) 175

A 5k gear score is doable with 5-man dungeons. I mean, even before this last patch.

You can "know the fights" by looking them up on or youtube. Or tankspot. Or bosskillers. Or a half dozen other sites.

ICC pugs on my server routinely clear at least half of icecrown. I've known pugs attempt heroic bosses, and some even kill (normal) lich king.

Comment Re:ITT noobs complaining about SC2 (Score 1) 83

Once upon a time, you could play a Blizzard game over a LAN.

Once upon a time, you could install a "spawn" copy to play against a friend, allowing the two of you to play multiplayer off one install disc and CD key.

Once upon a time, you didn't need the internet to play single player.

Comment I recently had to replace my phone... (Score 1) 336

... and it annoyed me to no end that I couldn't just get something like my old phone, a Nokia 6150. All the phones now either flip or slide, and are chock full of "features" which are really thinly-veiled attempts to get you to cough up more money for a data plan.

I just wanted a regular phone with a 12-key number pad that could send text messages with predictive text input. Nope. Not offered anymore. Hell, I can't even send an email to someone without using a data plan and some email "service". (On the Nokia I could simply set an email address as the recipient of a text message.) And one of the features about it I really liked—the ability to set "profiles", multiple preference sets for ring volume and the like—isn't on the one I have now. But dammit, I can take pictures and... not do a whole lot with them.

And even the 6150 doesn't have something my original cell phone did that I gave up in 2004... I miss Snake. :(


Fine-Structure Constant Maybe Not So Constant 105

Kilrah_il writes "The fine-structure constant, a coupling constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic interaction, has been measured lately by scientists from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and has been found to change slightly in light sent from quasars in galaxies as far back as 12 billion years ago. Although the results look promising, caution is advised: 'This would be sensational if it were real, but I'm still not completely convinced that it's not simply systematic errors' in the data, comments cosmologist Max Tegmark of MIT. Craig Hogan of the University of Chicago and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., acknowledges that 'it's a competent team and a thorough analysis.' But because the work has such profound implications for physics and requires such a high level of precision measurements, 'it needs more proof before we'll believe it.'"

Autism Diagnosed With a Fifteen Minute Brain Scan 190

kkleiner writes "A new technique developed at King's College London uses a fifteen minute MRI scan to diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The scan is used to analyze the structure of grey matter in the brain, and tests have shown that it can identify individuals already diagnosed with autism with 90% accuracy. The research could change the way that autism is diagnosed – including screening children for the disorder at a young age."

Comment Re:Did they even think about this one? (Score 1) 160

So, if I understand you right, you're saying the conversation goes like this:

"I don't really want to be talking to my 8-year-old about sex."

"Well, too bad. You should, and we're calling ourselves the Sex Party."

"Wow, you totally changed my mind!"

Um, yeah... not so much. This logic is a lot like atheists calling religious people stupid and expecting that to convert them to atheism.

Comment Did they even think about this one? (Score 1) 160

You know, I know this is in the context of a business, but if you're going to name your political party the Sex Party, do you even stop and think about it? Are they allowed to run ads during prime time? Are you going to have 8-year-old asking, "Daddy, what does sex mean?" I'm not sure I'd vote for a party that put me through that kind of hassle.

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