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Comment adapting (Score 1) 547

DVDs' primary advantages are from how obnoxious advertising becomes online for online movies and how content control interferes with maintaining and replaying copies around a house. DVD prices need to be lower to move faster in volume, closer to current rental prices where people buy armloads at a time. Home archives without DVD may become a problem because of "IP" controls.

Comment Customers to Toshiba: Drop dead. (Score 1) 268

Dear Toshiba,

I am the owner and previous purchaser of 4 Toshiba laptops which have had their issues, with various hardware and software quirks. That you attack an amatuer/admirer/repair site that provides free archival service for Toshiba products amazes me. Although I am sure marketing and legal can provides rationale and a myraid excuses for this, hear me.

If this travesty is not reversed, my family will not buy a Toshiba product ever again, and I will mock your corporation in conversation. We have long memories.

xxxxxx xxxxxxx

Comment Re:dangerous Nazis (Score 0) 242

Actually there is plenty of progress on a number of fundamentals including unmodeled energy terms, such as caused by sunspots modulated by solar magnetic fields influenced by planetary dynamics, and the need to correct feedbacks of water and clouds. Likewise, McIntyre has shown the soft, unsupported underbelly of politicized dreck coming from Penn State, the UK boyzos, and a number of prostituted fakers.

Comment history lessons (Score 1) 185

"...begging for mercy from the Union before Sherman or any other general set foot on their soil?"
???? Uh, small as they might be, the last land battles of the "War of Northern Aggression" were fought in Texas.

Previously, Galveston had been recaptured from Union forces in Jan 1, 1863 and remained confederate until June 18-19, 1865, "Juneteenth".

Then the final Union attempt to take Texas in September 1863, a Union invasion fleet with 5000 Federal troops was repulsed at the Battle of Sabine Pass.

PS. Before you even start, I live way north of New York...

Comment Public vs private (Score 4, Insightful) 387

Of course many would like to think that "public" surveillence camera are safer with pre-screened employees. Given the abuse, injure, rob, thieve record of TSA, the kill-sorry-wrong-house adventures of various city and federal agencies, and various asset forfeiture abuses these past 25 years, is no strong reason to believe this more than the tooth fairy.

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