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OpenOffice Five Times As Popular As Google Docs 207

CWmike writes "Confirming recent comments by Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, an independent report released Friday found that's free office suite is five times more popular than Google Docs. This was according to a survey of 2,400 adult Internet users conducted between May and November. Microsoft's share was 10 times that of Microsoft hopes to cement that lead with its upcoming Office Web, as well as online versions of its Exchange and SharePoint products to be announced on Monday. may provide some resistance, however. The latest version, 3.0, had a strong first week in October, with more than 3 million downloads. After one month, 3.0 had been downloaded 10 million times." And reader Peter Toi informs us of the open source release of yet another office suite, Softmaker Office. Its claimed advantages are its compactness and speed (making it suitable for netbooks), its excellent MS Office filters, and the fact that it can be installed to USB flash drives.

Comment Terrain-Aware Cruise Control (Score 1) 1114

I thought I'd make a bundle coming up with the idea of giving cruise-control systems awareness of hills and allowing them to back off near the crest of a hill and accelerate a bit before the base a hill, but it's already been patented. The idea has been introduced, but I'm not aware of it ever catching on.

I suspect a major drawback to a company interested in promoting this system is that by design, it would introduce speed variances between equipped cars and non-equipped cars, which opens the door for accidents and litigation.

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