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Comment Re:Copyright is just too long in this country (Score 1) 116

blockquote>Unfortunately for the Hooke estate, the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great offspring of the original microbes are demanding 347 years of royalties for the use of their ancestors likeness.

Which, divided by quite a few thousand trillion siblings, amounts to... not much.

Comment Re:Awful headline. (Score 4, Informative) 356

Hah. Now that's a good question. Actually, the researcher told the french press that he had to smuggle those seeds from a canadian farming school, since Monsanto won't let anyone do any research on its plants without having total control over the outcome of the research.

After he got the seeds, I suppose he was able to grow two crops, one exposed to Roundup, and the other pesticide-free.

Comment This is Slashdooooooot ! (Score 1) 356

So for everyone who did not bother to read TFA and posted rants below to the tune of "Oooooh they fed both GM food and herbicide to the rats ! It's not the GM crops that give cancer, it's the Roundup ! French scientists have surrendered their intelligence" and so on...

Here is the key sentence in the article:

Researchers found that NK603 and Roundup both caused similar damage to the rats' health whether they were consumed on their own or together.

(emphasis mine)

Comment Re:Capitalism is in terminal decay (Score 1) 615

Seriously, you are an idiot for thinking something that requires all people, especially those with power, to do the right thing all the time will ever work.

BTW, this also applies to the free-market theory. You know, where that "invisible hand" is supposed to correct abuses and market distortions. Or where anyone is supposed to act as an "economically rational" person.

I know, the recurring answer against this type of argument is "if $POLICY is not working, it's just because we're not using enough of it". Where $POLICY may be any of the following: socialism, capitalism, globalization, violence, corporate welfare, waterboarding, treehugging...

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