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Comment Re:Facebook (Score 5, Informative) 338

I'm so tired of reading ./ers bitching without reading the articles first.

It's about non-users who HAVE NEVER USED THE DAMN THING and yet are being profiled and harrassed by FB. (like "Hey, these guys are on FB, we know they're your friends, why don't you join ? Oh, and we know where you live and what school your kids go to. Just saying.")

Comment Brilliant ! (Score -1, Troll) 61

As a side announcement, a whole lot of material might turn glowing green in Tokyo in the next few months. Not just lightsaber handrails.

I hate to remind you all of the dire consequences of the Fukushima disaster, but I know slashdotters have the attention span of goldfish and
well, you see what I mean...

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