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Comment Re:It seems ironic... (Score 1) 1147

The other thing I love about apple is they don't treat me like a thief.
I don't have to input license codes and subject myself to product activation.

When I had bought windows PCs in the past, they were littered with crapware, trial software, AOL and other preinstalled nonsense. You'd easily spend 4 hours or more just ridding yourself of the junk.

With apple your macbook is beautifully packaged with each accessory carefully wrapped in its plastic blanket. You boot up in a snappy 10 seconds to a clean desktop with no crapware that you need to delete.

Leopard is a masterpiece from a developer's point of view. WinFS was a failure, but apple added ZFS, DTrace and other goodies that make the value proposition unbeatable.

Comment Re:It seems ironic... (Score 1) 1147

For a developer, a Mac and OS X are worth it.
Visual Studio cost 800 dollars, while XCode is included for free.

That and you can dual boot, in effect you have the capability to develop for the window, unix, and OS X markets.

The iPhone makes the choice even much easier, you get the sdk and soon you are selling your wares to a huge market. Where is the windows equivalent?

Plus the case design on the macbook is unmatched. You get trackpad gestures which once you use them, are so superior to anything out there that I reluctantly use mice now at work.

Plus, Macbooks are great at attracting dates because they show you have resources.

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