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Astronaut Sues Dido For Album Cover 264

An anonymous reader writes "Astronaut Bruce McCandless is suing Dido for her album cover that uses a famous NASA photograph of a tiny, tiny, tiny McCandless floating in space. McCandless doesn't own the copyright on the photo, so he's claiming it's a violation of his publicity rights ... except that he's so tiny in the photo, it's not like anyone's going to recognize him."

Submission + - Wireless WPA Cracking As A Service

An anonymous reader writes: Moxie Marlinspike, a security researcher well known for his SSL/TLS attacks, has published a WPA cracking service. The WPA Cracker website states: "WPA-PSK networks are vulnerable to dictionary attacks, but running a respectable-sized dictionary over a WPA network handshake can take days or weeks. WPA Cracker gives you access to a 400CPU cluster that will run your network capture against a 135 million word dictionary created specifically for WPA passwords. While this job would take over 5 days on a contemporary dual-core PC, on our cluster it takes an average of 20 minutes."

Comment Re:Stuff confiscated, not all innosent (Score 1) 4

Only some of that equipment was found at the Hacklab itself. The overwhelming rest was found at the punk concert of a different organisation on a different level of the building, *nothing to do* with Forsk...

And keying machines are not "problematic" since they are perfectly legal and incidently are used in hacker spaces around the world.

Don't just repeat the police press crap, this isn't suitable to the incident.

Innocent people with an odd (to the outstanders eye) interest in technology were treated as potential criminals. This is not right, not at all.

Submission + - Swedish Hackerspace raided by the police (forskningsavd.se) 4

intedinmamma writes: At 20.45 on Saturday the 28th of November the police raided the social centre Utkanten in Malmö, where the hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen is housed. Twenty officers in full riot gear and ski masks broke into the space, using crowbars. The official reason for the raid was to do a “pub check” because of the suspicion that there was illegal selling of alcohol going on at a punk concert. After the raid the cops confiscated a lot of stuff, being indiscriminate as to whose effects were removed. A lot of equipment from Forskningsavdelningen were taken, and also some personal belongings, even though the hackerspace was unaffiliated with the group arranging the concert downstairs.

Comment Re:Thank god I'm from Austria (Europe) (Score 1) 1259

This, and you get up to 760 EUR (~1100 USD) non-refundable subsidy each month if you stay below a certain time threshold (~4-6 years, depending on major, 1.5 years for the PhD) with progressing in your studies. You only get this if you "need" it, but with a typical low to average income family, you do most certainly get it.
You also get the same amounts if you start studying after you already worked four or more years long.
And with those monthly subsidies in effect, you can still work up to a yearly gross (but not taxed) income of 8000EUR.
Student health insurance with accidents and dental (the standard austrian public insurance covering) is included, of course. (We really don't usually worry about insurance coverage in any kind of employment or unemployment, since it's always compulsory* and automatically deducted or paid for you)

In Austria currently people argue very very emotionally about bi-yearly (!!) tuition fees in the amounts of 360.- EUR each which would be waived anyway if the student can't afford it (i.e. is on subsidy already).

Makes me wonder.

* compulsory also means its very cheap, ~180 EUR is the maximum rate (depends on your income) you pay if you are employed. Freelancers pay more.


Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development 948

jeevesbond writes "The alpha version of Google Chrome is now available for GNU/Linux. Google Chrome developer and former Firefox lead Ben Goodger has some problems with the platform though. His complaints range from the lack of a standardised UI toolkit, inconsistencies across applications, the lack of a unified and comprehensive HIG, to GTK not being a very compelling toolkit. With Adobe getting twitchy about the glibc fork and previously describing the various audio systems as welcome to the jungle, is it time to concentrate on consolidation and standardisation in GNU/Linux in general, and the desktop in particular?"

Submission + - Conficker botnet = global philanthropy tool?

An anonymous reader writes: Most assume that the creators of the Conficker botnet have evil, mean, and nasty intentions, and they just might. If you had control of the Conficker bots, estimated at 3,000,000+ hosts... Then what philanthropic acts, for the good of all humanity, would you have the botnet perform?

Submission + - Bogon filtering, not censorship

elpollodiablo writes: "A regular visitor to a p2p blog reported that the site would consistently only work from his home connection, but not from his workplace. Suspecting IT for blocking certain domains, he complained — and so we investigated. Apparently, the responsible HostGator nameservers ns21.hostgator.com and ns22.hostgator.com selectively refuse to talk to certain netblocks ( and beyond seem to be good examples). Multiple reports from all over Europe support the idea that this is not an ISP, firewalling or routing issue. Customers with IPs in those ranges are simply out of luck with sites served by these nameservers. We suspected there to be some sort of bogon filtering going on with old data, so we reported the facts and our suspicion to HostGator. After some email exchange, we received the definitive answer that since we are a third party, they would need to have a customer contact them to investigate this issue. So, my questions to the /. crowd are: Are there any HostGator customers out there who could kindly "contact" their hoster to have this issue resolved? And, have you come across similar instances of failed debogonising?"

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