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Comment Re:F the EC (Score 0) 334

The EC is much better at standing up to badly behaved companies than America. What they can do is fine any company which does work in Europe.

Are you serious suggesting not selling to the EU? The EU is bigger than America, world-wide the EU could well make up at least a third of all sales that Oracle or Sun makes. Of course they aren't going to throw that away.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 698

Because bandwidth isn't free, what gave you that idea?

The bandwidth problems don't come so much from inside Comcast's network, but from their connections to the rest of the internet. These are all charged by bandwidth because at the end of the day we at saturating the various cables that connect continents.

Comment Re:WTH? This is an absolutely trivial attack (Score 3, Interesting) 203

No, that won't work. Apache will drop connections which aren't making "useful progress".

However, it's definition of "useful progress" is flawed -- you can keep sending HTTP headers, and it will keep the connection open. You only have to send one every few seconds, so it's a very low bandwidth DOS attack.

Comment Not News (Score 3, Insightful) 170

This existed pre-internet. How many bought a diary and wrote one entry? Went out for a run, swim or to the gym once? Read a few pages of War and Peace? Only went to one foreign language lesson? Only bothered with a couple of piano/guitar/trumpet lessons?

While twitter has many problems, the fact that the majority of people tend to play with a new thing and then stop isn't new, or news.

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