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French Gov't Runs Vast Electronic Spying Operation of Its Own 214

Freshly Exhumed writes with this news (quoting The Guardian): "France runs a vast electronic surveillance operation, intercepting and stocking data from citizens' phone and internet activity, using similar methods to the U.S. National Security Agency's Prism programme exposed by Edward Snowden, Le Monde has reported. An investigation by the French daily [en français; Google translation] found that the DGSE, France's external intelligence agency, had spied on the French public's phone calls, emails and internet activity. The agency intercepted signals from computers and phones in France as well as between France and other countries, looking not so much at content but to create a map of 'who is talking to whom,' the paper said."

Comment Re:Beware the roads! (Score 1) 314

Yeah we would be better off without fire. I grant its astonishing capabilities: the sharpening sticks, cooking food, keeping us warm, lighting the darkness, the convenience of GPS and much more. But the fire's benefits are relatively modest compared with the terrifying dangers it brings.


Comment Re:Oblig. (Score 2) 413

Doesn't Egypt use a King?

He was acting rather Kingly, in the old oppressive model (unlike the dopey harmless old people model used around Europe and southeast Asia these days) ~14 million Egyptians called out, "Help! Help! We're being oppressed" and the army removed the threat rather efficaciously. The army has learned, too, they don't want to be in charge and blamed if anything goes tits-up. Tough job for that Head of the (now suspended) Constitutional Court.

Comment Re:regarding constitutions (Score 5, Interesting) 413

If you're not starting with a good constitution, preserving it isn't going to help. Egypt's most recent constitution was drafted entirely by Islamists after the secularists and Christians walked out when it was clear it was going to embody Sharia law and other Islamist practices at the expense of human rights.

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