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Canadian Blood Services Promotes Pseudoscience 219

trianglecat writes "The not-for-profit agency Canadian Blood Services has a section of their website based on the Japanese cultural belief of ketsueki-gata, which claims that a person's blood group determines or predicts their personality type. Disappointing for a self-proclaimed 'science-based' organization. The Ottawa Skeptics, based in the nation's capital, appear to be taking some action."

Jetman Attempts Intercontinental Flight Screenshot-sm 140

Last year we ran the story of Yves Rossy and his DIY jetwings. Yves spent $190,000 and countless hours building a set of jet-powered wings which he used to cross the English Channel. Rossy's next goal is to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, from Tangier in Morocco and Tarifa on the southwestern tip of Spain. From the article: "Using a four-cylinder jet pack and carbon fibre wings spanning over 8ft, he will jump out of a plane at 6,500 ft and cruise at 130 mph until he reaches the Spanish coast, when he will parachute to earth." Update 18:57 GMT: mytrip writes: "Yves Rossy took off from Tangiers but five minutes into an expected 15-minute flight he was obliged to ditch into the wind-swept waters."

CO2 To Fuel, Closing the "Carbon Loop" 316

leprasmurf writes "Inhabitat has posted an article detailing a recent announcement of a process to turn CO2 into fuel. The process, which used to be considered too energy inefficient, uses a multi-step, low pressure, and low temperature biocatalyst to break the CO2 into 'basic hydrocarbon building blocks.'"
Software 3.0 Is Officially Here 284

SNate writes "After a grinding three-year development cycle, the team has finally squeezed out a new release. New features include support for the controversial Microsoft OOXML file format, multi-page views in Writer, and PDF import via an extension. Linux Format has an overview of the new release, asking the question: is it really worth the 3.0 label?"
Data Storage

Tips For Taking Your Laptop Into and Out of the US? 940

casualsax3 writes "I'm going to be taking a week long round trip from NYC to Puerto Vallarta Mexico sometime next month, and I was planning on taking my laptop with me. I'll probably want to rip a few movies and albums to the drive in order to keep busy on the flight. More important though, is that I'm also going to be taking pictures while I'm there, and storing them on the laptop. With everything in the news, I'm concerned that I'll have to show someone around the internals of my laptop coming back into the US. The pictures are potentially what upsets me the most, as I feel it's an incredible violation of my privacy. Do I actually need to worry about this? If so, should I go about hiding everything? I've heard good things about Truecrypt. Is it worth looking into or am I being overly paranoid?"

Green Light for Human/Animal Hybrids 292

Henneshoe writes "BBC News is reporting that two research facilities have been given the green light to create part human, part animal embryos. According the the report, 'Scientists want to create hybrid embryos by merging human cells with animal eggs in a bid to extract stem cells. The embryos would then be destroyed within 14 days.' The decision to allow the embryos was made after research showed that people in large are OK with the idea."

Journal Journal: Israeli Company Releases Hackable Linux Handheld

The good folks at CompuLab have released a new handheld for developers that can optionally run Linux. The EM-X270 Embedded Mobile Device features a XScale PXA270 CPU, 128 Mbyte SDRAM, 512 Mbyte flash disk, integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b, and a host of other goodies, including an optional 3.5" 480 x 640 VGA display with touchscreen. Prices are "starting from $122" but other t


Journal Journal: Bootable Linux CF HOWTO

I've had some problems with commercially-available embedded Linux distros, so I spent some time recently figuring out my own way of doing things. I've had a HOWTO posted for the curious for a while now. Latest addition-WiFi support.


Journal Journal: Want Some Work? Looking for Linux device driver guru

Hopefully the subject says it all-my company has some device driver porting to do (x86 to XSCALE), and wants to farm it out. Rather than tie me up with it, we're looking to pay someone to do it for us.

So if you're local to the Austin TX area and think you're up for it, leave me a comment if you're interested. More details on my personal webpage for the curious.


Journal Journal: IMDB Companion Sites?

Don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I find that there are a lot of movies that I have no interest in sitting through that I want to know more about the mythology/story behind. Examples-Thirteen Ghosts and Storm Of the Century, both on TV this weekend. I don't want to watch them, but I wanted to know what the machinery does once it gets its 13th ghost and who/what Andre Linoge is, respectively. So basically I wanted to know the story without having to see the story.


Journal Journal: Perception Of Python 2

This one's been bothering me for a while, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I do a fair amount of software development as part of my job-at first it was just to support projects I was working on, but more and more I get the call when others need work done. I've even got "Software Developer" tacked on to my job description/title, but I still don't think of myself as one.


Journal Journal: Gentoo Help?

With SuSE 9.1 Personal not quite getting me where I want to be on my Presario R3000Z, I thought I'd give Gentoo a try again. The last time I'd tried Gentoo was when I was installing Linux on my new desktop at work, and the process was...painful. I ultimately ended up going with Slackware 9.0 and I've stuck with it to this day.

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