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Comment Re:Name revealed (Score 1) 890

Saying the Zionists were looking for an amicable solution in Israel is akin to saying the IRA were looking for an amicable solution in Northern Ireland. Nothing that Haganah, Irgun or Lehi did pre-48 can be described as amicable. You're right in that the whole situation is extremely complex, but deliberately ignoring a complete section of the political landscape of the time does not make your point suddenly the correct one.

Comment Re:Spotify (Score 3, Insightful) 151

If an artist is trying to create something to make money then they are doing it for the wrong reason - and it most likely shows (see Rebecca Black). If as an artist you end up making money, then that's great but it should never be a driving factor in the creation process. Which is why every single artist I know (including myself) would still put their music up on Spotify even if they paid nothing at all. It's all about spreading the word, finding an audience, and most importantly people appreciating what you are doing. One person saying they enjoy your art is worth more than any money these companies pay - whether that's 0.00029c or 99c (or whatever) per play.

(This is all IMO obviously)

Submission + - An album in a month - The 2011 RPM Challenge (rpmchallenge.com) 1

janap writes: In January of 2008, I discovered the RPM Challenge through an article on Slashdot. What I read was this: "Record a whole album in the month of February. Just do it!" — Yea right, as if I'm able to do that...

But, in dire need of a creative kick in the butt, I decided to throw myself at the chance to prove myself, to myself. I came out at the other end of it a changed man, and I've been back for more of the same every year since. The sense of accomplishment that this little artificial deadline you impose upon yourself carries with it upon completion is incredible, and has to be experienced. By you? Yes, why not? Anyone can come up with an excuse to say no, so don't. Remember — this doesn't have to be "the" album, all it takes is "an" album. And there's a great community of peers to draw experience from, in blogs and boards at the site. Welcome!

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