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Journal Journal: I found my old blog

After reading Squidgee's journal entry about his blog, I decided to find my old blog. Since his was at blogspot, i tried there first. I used my most common username/password combination, and it turns out I do have a blog there. I guess I'll try to keep up with it this time. While I've been making websites since around 1996 when I was about 12, I haven't really gotten into more recent internet culture stuff like blogs or even instant messaging that much. I'm still stuck in the 90's with web pages and e-mail.

Edit:Oh yeah, it's at

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Journal Journal: My website sucks 2

When I started my website, it was intended that it would lean towards Apple a bit, with other interesting articles, and other interesting or important news. It was like that that for the first few weeks, but now I've gotten lazy and it's gotten to the point that it's just an average Slashdot clone with links to a bunch of articles. In the coming weeks I hope to turn it around, but my biggest problem is that I don't have any help, and even a small site as it is it can be a big job looking up all that content. To that end, I'm taking applications for a coeditor or two. Benefits include, a share of the profits(if there are any), and unlimited mod points. Another problem with the site is that PHP-Nuke doesn't do all I need it too, and it does a lot more than I need(read: it's bloated). I am learning a little bit of PHP, but reshaping nuke is a big job, so I'm also looking for a part time PHP hacker. Benefits are the same as that of a coeditor. It's a young site and it would a be a shame if it died at such a young age.

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Journal Journal: An amazing feat... 2

I have done what many may see as impossible, my site has been running for nearly a month with over 4000 page views, and I haven't had a single troll to post in the comments. Even more impressing, three of of my four members have Slashdot karma high enough to post with a one point bonus.

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Journal Journal: The New Site 13

I think the new site is turning out nicely. The still aren't any comments yet, but I do have one member. Since it is early on, I'm trying not to post to much stuff that gets on Slashdot (unless I find it really interesting) so I can at least attain my own identity first.

Now that I've been using it for a couple of days, PHP-Nuke is starting to grow on me, so I may just keep using it, although it still needs some changes.

Since PHP-Nuke has the framework for banner advertising built in, I'm thinking of dump my old advertising structure. It was Linkshare and I only got paid by commison. Now I just need to work out a payment rate. Since I can manage the number of impressions down to very small numbers I hope to offer ad space to small sites or small software companies and opensource projects for a low cost. Now I just need a reasonable rate, any suggestions?

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Journal Journal: New Flavor of Omlet 2

I've just launched my new site using PHP-Nuke. The site aims to be like Slashdot, except a slightly different flavor. There will be things like more Apple stories on the front page, and less anime. The site is a


Journal Journal: A New Strategy for Apple

On my site I have gathered recent rumors and news about Apple and formulated what I think to be a good strategy for Apple. Take a look and tell me what you think. It's right here


Journal Journal: Mandrake Bugs

I've come to the conclusion that Mandrake Linux is the buggiest distro avalible. I'm using 9.1 now and it has a few critical flaws. One is the the next preview thing in nautius. It just doesn't work at all. Another it OpenOffice, it takes a very long time to start and crashes as soon as the first Windows comes up. I installed the version from, and it starts much more quickly and stays running. Unfortunatly the fonts aren't as nice as they are in the Mandrake version when it works. The only version of Mandrake that I've used and was relativly bug free was 8.2. Maybe 9.2 will work.

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Journal Journal: Still on Linux

This journal entry brought to you by the Handspring Treo 300

I got Mandrake 9.1 RC2 to run about a month ago, andknow I'm on the 9.1 release. I still have my Windows partition for games, although I see no indication I'll be going back for everyday use. I've got WineX to play games in linux, but it's not good enough yet. Right now I've got a CVS build and I think that may be causing some problems since Warcraft III is supposed to work well. Although my problem may be lack of memory since I have the minimum requirements for Warcraft III and I'm guessing Wine needs more memory. I'll probably get some more RAM within the next few weeks and I'll see if that fixes it. Starcraft plays flawlessly, I can't tell a difference between playing in WINE and nativly in Windows. While I can't install it, I can play Red Alert from my Windows partition. The sound and cut scene videos are really fast and it shows up in kind of widescreen leaving a 1 inch black space at the bottomof the screen, although thats better than in XP where it won't even play. I got the Linux version of Unreal Tournamet, and it won't work, although the Windows version will work in WINE with garbled delayed sound. At first my biggest problem was that my printer didn't work in Linux, but now thats okay since it's dead altogether. I guess next I'll get an Epson, or at least make sure it has up to date Linux drivers.

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Journal Journal: I have Linux!

I finally found a Linux distro(other than Knoppix) that will work with my hardware. It's Mandrake 9.1 RC2. My sound and network worked right without me having to do anything. Mandrake seems to have always been the distro that worked best for me. Mandrake 6.1 was the first that successfully worked on the first computer I tried Linux on, and Mandrake 8.2 PPC was the only one that worked with the sound on my iMac. I guess in the future I mightas well just sick with Mandrake ince it always seems to work.


Journal Journal: Linux hates my hardware!

I have the CDs for Slackware 8.1, Red Hat 8.0, and a recent Lycoris, but when I install them they can't find my network card or my sound card. My first thought was to get real network and sound cards(they are currently integrated into the mother board), but I booted up Knoppix and every thing worked beautifully(my sound was working there before it was in Windows). Now I need to find out what all the settings are, and figure out how to transplant them to one of my permanant distributions. Any help would be appreciated(the biggest help would be to send me a Mac with OS X :-)).

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Journal Journal: Finally, internet access again

I've finally got internet access again. It turns out it was a network problem and my hardware was fine. The only problem is that right now the only version of Linux that I can get working is Knoppix, and that's not really an option. I've got the drivers disk for Red Hat Linux, so I think it may work. Last night I tried to do a net install of both Debian and Suse, but neither of them worked. Since I don't have a CD burner, I wanted to do a netinstall of Mandrake, but I can't find any floppy images. Hopefully I can get my network card to work with Linux, bedcause I've already lost patience with Windows. I wish Apple would release OS X for x86.

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Journal Journal: Finally a new Computer

I finally got my new computer. Initially I was going to get one of those VIA 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 10 GB HD, no flopp of modem Lindows computers from, but I found a Athlon 1700+, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HD, with floppy and modem PC on Pricewatch for only $40 more, so I got it. I've got XP on it now, and I'm trying to decide what Linux I want on it. None of them work out of the box with my sound card, except Knoppix, but I can't very well run it off a CD all the time. Slackware used to be my favorite, but now it seems more clumsy and it only has Gnome 1.4 right now. I tried Lycoris out of curiosity, and I liked it, but it felt way to much like Windows. If I knew someone who was migrating from Windows to Linux I would definatly recomend this first. I'll probably go with Red Hat 8.0.With Gnome 2 and blucurve, it is probably the best looking Linux(or Windows for that matter) desktop I've seen. Sure it's not Mac OS X, but I guess it'll have to do. There is one fatal flaw in my new computer, the networking just doesn't work. I've installed drivers and tried it in Windows XP and 2000, and in the four versions of Linux I mentioned above. Windows recognizes that there is a network card and that it's connected to a cable, but that's it. I had a friend connect his laptop to the same cable, that goes to the same network jack, and his worked flawlessly. My first thought was that the onboard ethernet adapter but be bad. Since I would have pay for shipping to get a warrenty repair, I decided to go to Wal-Mart and get a new network card since it would be cheaper. I got a basic Linksys network card and installed it. Oddly it behaved exatly the same way as the old one. Now I am completely stumped. I could get another card to see if my some weird coiensidence I got a bad card with the exact same problem, but I doubt that. If anybody has any ideas please tell me.

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Journal Journal: No more Mac 2

Well atleast no more modern usable Mac(I still have about half a dozen 68k Macs). This week end I sold my my to to my brother, so until further notice I am no longer a Mac user. I won't be able to order my new computer(probably a cheap Wal-Mart PC) until this weekend, so for now all I have are these Sun terminals in the computer lab here at UAH. At least I was able to find Mozilla, because I couldn't imagine having to use Netscape 4 for an entire week. Now I just have to pick an OS for my computer, I have Red Hat 8, Slackware 8.1, Lycoris, Windows 2000, FreeBSD, and the thing will prbably come with Lindows.

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Journal Journal: What Good Are Slashdot Journals? 1

I was just wondering if Slashdot journals serve any purpose at all. Why do people write in them. I usually do when I'm bored and need somewhere to ramble. I wonder why other people write in theirs? I have also wondered if people actually read other people's journal, and if so why. I get messages when my friends write in their journals, but I rarely read them, unless it's about something that seems very interesting to me.

Oh yeah, I think Slashcode is in the middle of being broke because a lot of stuff on user pages are all messed up.

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