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Comment Re:Duh (Score 3, Interesting) 340

High sugar intake weakens your immune system, and is inflammatory.

Citation required. For both claims.

Maybe for the first one, but if you read even a little into how your diet affects the body then you should know that sugar is inflammatory.. but here you go

Effect of various carbohydrates on immune system. This shows that ingesting sugar weakens your immune system, and that fasting actually boosts it (which may be a reason that we sometimes lose our appetite when we're sick).

Sugar and inflammation. Though if you wanted, you could just try it yourself. Increasing your sugar intake also causes your body to retain more water and salt.

Given that most of the food i have still goes off, clearly its less preserving than your assertion.

Does most of the food that you have also contain artificial preservatives? I doubt it. I have to avoid sulphites. They're found in pretty much all wine, some beers (anything German is usually fine thanks to the Reinheitsgebot), cider, dried fruits, glucose syrup, any processed corn ingredient (maize starch, corn flour, HFCS, etc), and more..

Comment Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 1) 388

I hope you're not including things like health care in what a "nanny state" provides. There are quite a few countries that have good national healthcare, without necessarily having the other problems that they US has. From what I know of everyday life in the US from friends and Slashdot posters, I'm very happy to live in Europe. The weird thing is that even those getting fucked over by the US government are sometimes still so proud and patriotic, and so against anything that may be perceived as being too "communist".

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 340

There are other obvious differences too though, like diet. You literally are what you eat. High sugar intake weakens your immune system, and is inflammatory. Artificial preservatives kill bacteria in your gut, furthering the lack of "good bacteria" that we hear about. Reading about this over-use of anti-biotics in livestock is making me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian :/ I hope it doesn't end up in milk and cheese.. though it probably does..

Comment Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 1) 388

Yep, you have elections to essentially vote for one of two parties, or another party with equally power hungry ass-hats who don't really care much about improving the country as a whole.

The whole point is that your current system (and that in other countries, sure, but it's currently most apparent in the US) is a broken mess.

Comment Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 1) 388

I don't want lower taxes. I did when I didn't make much money, but I think tax is a Good Thing. Once I started making around 25000GBP a year, I didn't worry about money any more, because I have enough to cover the basics, plus some on the side for toys/savings. Now that I'm making even more, I'm actually happy for some of my earnings to be taxed at 40%.

"Lower taxes" sounds nice in theory, but overall it only fucks over the poor even more. "Lower taxes for low income groups" sounds good, but just saying "lower taxes"? Not so much.

Comment Re:Better headline: AMD's Radeon R9 290 Slashverti (Score 1) 183

The point I was getting to is, that I recently realised that the gunfire and explosions pretty well drown out most other noises in the region

That's what headphones are for. Seriously, even if noise wasn't an issue, I used to notice that headphones actually made me a better player in online games, because I could more accurately judge where an enemy was just from the sound alone. So, unless you've got a perfectly positioned surround sound setup hooked up to the PC, headphones are probably best for everyone.

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