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Comment Re:The best way to make cycling safer (Score 1) 947

I ride a bike, and I do not blow lights or stop signs, and certainly do stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. I do not ride on sidewalks or in food crossings. I happen to have a license. As for being "entitled" to being treated like a car, that's a matter of law in most states. And bike lanes that do not "meld" with other traffic -- I'm not sure what you mean, but it seems to me likely to be a matter of traffic engineering and traffic law enforcement.

And smugness? You may not like it, but it sure beats indifference to the problems you create. The world would be a better place if more people commuted by bike, but I don't insist everyone do it. Nor is that the reason I insist on being treated with the rights granted to me under the law. If you don't like smugness, how about the smugness of people who think that *everyone* should drive, and that the public roadways are there for their own benefit alone? Doesn't that strike you as arrogant?

Of course not. People never see the log in their own eye.

Comment Re:Allow me to be the first to say ... (Score 2) 166

What makes you think that it's lack of money causing the poor sanitation? Or that the money for this particular program was the only money that could have been diverted? Or that you shouldn't congratulate the engineers who worked towards this pretty awesome achievement, even if their government/religious leaders are idiots?

Comment Re:Welcome to the Future®! (Score 1) 57

There is money involved on YouTube too. Some people can make a living off of their channels through advertising - so it is worthwhile to upload "paid consultant" type content rather than just "gossip". Besides, many people just like to share good advice without expecting anything in return.

I'm not saying that such a personalised service would be completely useless, I was just doing my usual of pointing out what I think is obvious. Sometimes others see it as obvious too, sometimes not.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 239

The difference is that the US makes such a big deal about being free, that irony continues to gush uncontrollably from the whole NSA scandal, the PATRIOT act, the TSA bullshit, the constant invasions of other countries, the attempts at blocking healthcare for poorer citizens, etc, etc...

Comment Re:universities with there theory loaded coders &a (Score 1) 326

I was thinking that there must be some folks over at MIT with both cognitive science and software background. I also know for a fact people in the aero/astro department do human factors research; I even helped run some of it when I worked at the Center for Space Research (now the McNair Building).

Comment Re:Simple solution is the best (Score 1) 285

How well do you know your neighbor?

And if your neighbor is hit by a bus, how well do you know your neighbor's heirs?

How much do you trust your neighbor's physical security?

And can you count on your neighbor being home if you need your data fast?

If you can live without your data for a few weeks, and your backups are encrypted, then walking your data over might not be such a bad thing. Having *two* offsite friends you park encrypted backups with would be better, and if they lived at least a few miles apart that would be even better (e.g. in case of a tornado, flood or large neighborhood fire).

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