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Comment software. (Score 0) 333

"Sorry, we can;t make the product that you've paid for do what we promised we would do so you would be able to use your purchase the way you want - we're too busy working on the task of making the product you paid for something that we can give to everyone else for free."

The software industry was the first to get away with shipping product known to be defective, at first using the "we'll fix it for you later" excuse, and then the "we'll make sure the NEW version works better, if you buy it... um, except for all of the new things that won't work."

Yeah, I know, this was a feature request and not a bug fix... but I see the software company influence pervading the actual hard PRODUCT market now too.

After all, what really is Newegg and Amazon feedback, often with bugfixes mentioned, driver updates, and techniques to get the product to work? It's handing part of the customer service work to the buyer, is what it is.

Comment Re:Nice, but that raises a new question. (Score 4, Interesting) 215


In an interview in the mid 1980s, an RIAA exec admitted that they were trying to get away from "selling" music and wanted to go to a "pay-per-listen" model. Mot even pay per format - they want pay per listen.

This was in the same article that he justified continued high prices for CDs, which were twice that of LPs (they were later found guilty of price-fixing) DESPITE the fact that CDs cost far LESS than LPs to produce.

His justification for colluding to fix prices to make a CHEAPER product to produce more EXPENSIVE to purchase was that it was a better value due to sound quality.

So apparently a massive increase in profit margin due to illegal activities = "a better value."

In short, the content cartels are scum.

Comment Re:Nice, but that raises a new question. (Score 3, Interesting) 215

"How do you buy 'it' twice when the 'it' is two different things, unless you're talking about the text itself and not the form, formatting, etc.?"

You might better address that question to the Supreme Court, since they are the ones that ruled that it is NOT two different things, and that there is such a thing as fair use.

Maybe you can convince them to change their minds, um... because.

Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 3, Insightful) 589

Can there be a person who reaches adulthood and has only minor issues?

No. Not unless they live in a society that has no issues.

In a society with rampant racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, unequally applied justice, massive wealth disparity, and which exalts militarism, nobody grows up without the need for some deep grappling with indoctrinated toxic values, even if they have largely escaped their effects.

In such a society it is perfectly possible to harbor prejudices resulting from that indoctrination without knowing it - even if you are aware of the larger implications and are fighting against them.

Even devoted civil rights activists need to check themselves, check their assumptions and reactions regularly.

You cannot live in a flawed society and be the product of a flawed society and completely escape internalizing some of those flaws.

And every society is flawed.

Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 4, Insightful) 589

" Most people who try and succeed in committing suicide have pretty much in some form or other harbored daemons their entire life."

There's an unspoken assertion in your comment that there are people who exist who harbor no demons.

I'm pushing 50 and have known many people and I've yet to see one.

Or evidence of one.

Comment Re:Another idiot buying into the bitcoin scam. (Score 1) 347

The end of the world is nigh!

Sure, the US will not always be the dominant nation, and that's a good thing, since we don't deserve it. (Not that any nation does.)

But you hilariously cowardly nutjobs who can live in the richest most powerful nation the world have ever seen and STILL be freaking terrified are not worth paying attention to. Record-setting cowardice.

The system is crooked, yes. And we get the scraps. You're silly enough to think that you have more and therefore have more to lose.

Pawning your valuables every couple of centuries?
How many centuries do you expect to live, dumbass?

Cowards. All of you. Me, I LIVE in the collapse of society. I live amongst the ruins, the gutted factories, the superfund toxic waste sites. I live in one of the ten most dangerous cities in America and I STILL am not as cowardly as you.

Because I actually know what the real threats are.

Comment Re:That's right. (Score 2, Insightful) 183

It's not that we in the US can't run a prison without rape, it's that as a society we don't WANT to.

We LIKE it that prisoners are raped - we joke about it.

Prison officials like it too. They have hundreds of inmates for each guard. Bad odds. So you encourage racism in prison so the prisoners are fighting and killing each other based on racial hatreds instead of fighting and killing the people holding them captive.

Same way we run our government.

Comment Re:Been there done that (Score 1) 59

That's true, but the process is different in that now Russians have two competing design companies rather than one bureau as we have. plus the Russians are poor enough to need international partners to pick up most of the tab. So this is a sales pitch by one of two competing Russian companies looking for both primacy within Russia, but also for foreign investment.

Whereas NASA is just trying to sell itself to Congress.

Comment Re:Been there done that (Score 3, Informative) 59

Not really.
You have to understand the Russian process. They announce things like this at least twice a year.

This is not a program, it's a proposal. Every year they trot out a couple of proposals (remember klipr?) and see if they can get interest and funding.

If not (and so far "not" has always been the case) then they go back to the drawing board and make another proposal in 8 or 12 months.

Over and over.

And each time Slashdot and others announce what the Russians "are building," never stopping to notice that all of the previous plans that were "nearing completion" never even resulted in a single piece of flight hardware.

Just watch. This will go nowhere, and next year there will be a different plan for a different vehicle.

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