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Comment they own the switch why are they asking (Score 1) 80

They probably own one of the hops along the way, so just divert the traffic. Re-route all traffic through the mitm site and log everything, sue everyone. Give RIAA the 2 million+ hits every day and let them go to town. Sue everyone, make it all public and give them everything they're asking for. Then give all that money from the suits back to the artists, they will be so grateful. Throw a million of people in jail and bankrupt all the pirates. IP address = person/family. Sue the fuck out of each and every one that uses that IP and if they can't afford the fines throw them in jail. The end goals of RIAA + MPAA will make everything better again and the world will be just and fair. Order will be restored.

Comment Re:And after that day (Score 3, Informative) 118

The Soviet scientist community offered him a home near Russian research facilities too. Bohr was the kind of guy that would walk up to the white house, knock on the door and ask to come in to talk to president about sharing atomic bomb information with the Soviets. Also, he would visit New Mexico and do the same to convince Oppenheimer the sharing of scientific advances in nuclear fission with the Soviets. Bohr was one of the only forward-thinking scientists at that time on the ramifications of developing the bomb and felt that by sharing the information there would be less suspicions by Soviet scientists thus quashing an arms race. He probably lit a fire under Oppenheimer to begin thinking seriously about ways to prevent Nuclear annihilation and proliferation. If anyone's interested more in this stuff I recommend reading American Prometheus which is an Oppenheimer BIO.

Comment What's the point.. (Score 1) 508

...if a driver needs to be behind the wheel? I mean yeah it's great and all you don't need to put your hands and feet anywhere but if you're supposed to be alert watching that the car doesn't make a mistake then what's the difference? You still can't text, read the paper, play cards, eat dinner, whatever - or can you?

Comment exploit yes, virus no (Score 5, Informative) 134

This exploit has been targeting chem and defense companies. The thing about these exploits is that they typically are just a method to drop the actual payload which is usually a virus or trojan. In this case it looks like the payload is Poison Ivy, which was added to NOD32 AV defs back in 2008. Yes, the attacker could compromise the machine and get admin shell, but the majority of the time they’re installing a keylogger or other virus which NOD32 will catch.

From TFA:

First, a file named “exploit.html” appears to be the entry point of the attack, which loads “Moh2010.swf”, an encrypted Flash file that it decompress in memory.

According to AlienVault's Jaime Blasco, the payload dropped is Poison Ivy, as was the case with the previous Java zero-day. Poison Ivy is a remote administration tool (RAT) that was used the Nitro attacks that targeted chemical and defense companies. Interestingly, after exploitation, the attack loads “Protect.html”, a file that checks to see if the Web site is listed in the Flash Storage settings, and if it is, the Web browser will no longer be exploited despite additional visits to the malicious site.

Comment The banks take all the work out of investigating (Score 1) 79 This post reminds me of this article. The banks are doing the investigations and identifying people who they feel may be a threat and passing the information on to police. I guess it's totally legal for them to do this, but if you were arrested for a crime, would your conviction be based on evidence gathered by police or by the "firms"?

Comment just a touch on things to come (Score 2) 220

Imagine when cameras suck an entire event in it's full 3D life-like quality. So you have a dome of some sort, it has millions of high res cameras with full Lytro effect, kind of like a retina. And you can almost go back in time when you stick your head in the flexible LED chamber complete with eye movement trackers and brain control motive predictors. Or just use glasses and 3D earphones. Things will focus as you look at them. You could even insert keystrokes into a virtual terminal embedded into the stream. Not unlike tron or something because you pull all senses into the stream somehow, in any manner you know of to play back at some point when the technology can catch up. I've been tripping on how cameras are kind of like time portals - albeit only into the past, but they way they catch "reality" and hold it, is to me a little creepy.

Comment HDMI fasteners? (Score 3, Interesting) 704

One concern I have with HDMI are the connectors in PC's and how they are fairly easy to disconnect and damage. Also one of my HDMI cables became damaged because of a sharp angle. Sure there are adapters and alternative cables like these , but they are not the standard. I've never really had a problem with screwing in VGA or DVI connectors except for the random stripped screw.

Comment Just got a raise! (Score 1) 309

Last year was interesting. I was pretty secure in a decent pc support position, but working with a real unfriendly staff. I was offered a position with an IT consulting outfit, which was nice but not busy enough; within 4 months I was laid off. Found a different IT Consulting company much bigger and busier, and within 4 months of being hired I'm getting a raise. Looking optimistic and hopeful for the new year.

Comment Populate the oceans (Score 2) 438

Learning how to live underwater would teach us how to live in space, and will get us used to living underwater on planets/moon such as Europa. Since 3/4 of the planet is covered in water, maybe we can spread "West" into the ocean? It's prettier down there anyway and chicks dig dolphins. Running out of air down there would be less consequential than in a vacuum. Most likely we will be shooting for a planet outside our solar system only if it has water. High radiation levels etc would be easier to avoid underwater, and I think it would take a long time for oceans to evaporate should global warming become global boiling.

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