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Geeks Prefer Competence To Niceness 300

Death Metal writes "While everyone would like to work for a nice person who is always right, IT pros will prefer a jerk who is always right over a nice person who is always wrong. Wrong creates unnecessary work, impossible situations and major failures. Wrong is evil, and it must be defeated. Capacity for technical reasoning trumps all other professional factors, period."

Comment Re:Give me a break. (Score 2, Informative) 91

This isn't about Italians using or not using Google. This is the Italians wondering why their news sources aren't ranked higher on Google News.

The newspapers don't opt-in to Google News, they aren't "users" of Google News, the public are the users. The newspapers want to know, considering the fact that a lot of people use Google News, how do they get their content listed higher, and are they being unfairly discriminated against?

But regardless of the details, this isn't a "if you don't like it use something else" scenario, the newspapers aren't "using" Google News. The public is.

Because Google does not disclose the criteria for ranking news articles or search results, he said, newspapers are unable to hone their content to try to earn more revenue from online advertising.

Comment No they would not. (Score 1) 853

Food plants have FDA officials on site to shut the entire plant down at a moments notice if they find tainted food put out to the public. This really is not any different. They could put government people at all these sites, but it would be far easier to just have them at the hub sites at AT&T and whatnot, which they do. This is something people should expect our government to handle, and it doesn't irk me a bit because they are supposed to look over and protect us.

Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1, Insightful) 853

>>>all the crap from the first 6 years came home to roost...... we'd ALREADY spent our way to 5 TRILLION in Debt unnecessarily

You make it sound like Bush created that debt by himself.
When Clinton walked-out the door there was already 3 trillion,
so let's spread the blame equally between the D's and R's.


>>>So please take your revisionist history and just shove it, k?

You first

Comment Re:Language is fluid, let it flow (Score 1) 431

Weel ma man. Fit dae ye dae gin ye're nae fasht aboot aebody at cannae spik yer leid? Dae A hiv tae scrib yer "right" English jist fir yir notion o purity? Just because you can communicate on a certain level (and I do for the benefit of /.ers who don't come from north of Berwick) doesn't mean that the way I can and do write in other contexts is any less valid, but.

Comment Re:Android have problem of it's own (Score 1) 111

It's not possible with J2ME (I've tried last summer with N82 and failed exactly as you've described. But Android is different story. Now I can do complex tracker-less recognition once every second while simultaneously rendering 3D scene on top of camera output and processing user input with 20FPS. All in Android Java. Should be even better with NDK. P.S. Your tower defence game is great, I have it on my cell since it was released first :)

Comment Re:whats in 3.0? (Score 1) 80

Another alternative is this interesting box:

I haven't used it, but I came across it while looking for a way to relocate my Delta 1010 PCI card away from one of my PCIe 16x slots. Also available is a PCIe to external 4xPCI slots, which is great for legacy stuff (or interesting wifi configurations?).

Comment Re:It doesn't matter to the average consumer. (Score 1) 297

I understand that. My point was, his report was not so outlandish as to be unbelievable. GMA 950 types have much better drivers than the 500 series (which, as you point out, have many more hardware decoding features at half the clock rate), and in general, at present, a 945/50 will make for a better user experience, esp. with light gaming. Many of the 500s features exist only in potentia: I think OpenGL went from bad 1.0 support to passable 1.1 through the latest Windows driver, despite HW support for 2.0.

I do not mean to compare the two chipsets; all I meant to say was that given my experiences (which include the original EEE 701 4G), I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the performance report of a random /. poster with karma, a modded post, and who doesn't read like an abject shill, especially when they jive roughly with my experiences.

The rest of the comment was just a cursory performance report of my own, as someone out there might be wondering about the state of the GMA 500 as it becomes more and more prevalent in the market discussed in the story.

Comment Re:It doesn't matter to the average consumer. (Score 1) 297

I can believe it.

I dont know if it's because the Asus is rescaling a 720p source to 600px, and thus causing some problems, but my U820 (1280x800, Atom Z530) handles the 720/24p Serenity trailer with the latest Intel GMA 500 reference driver, using WMP (but not MPC for some reason) under Windows 7 with no dropped frames. The GMA 500 drivers have been a real debacle, esp. under Linux, but even under Windows. I'm hoping as the platform shows up in more machines the driver situation improves even more.

Some caveats: It will *not* scale 1080 sources at any watachable rate. With my Pinnacle 801e ATSC source Windows Media Center dies, often making the graphics driver restart (survivable in Win 7) but sometimes it will blank the display until the power is cycled. I have also not tried 720p AVCHD files from my HMC150.

Comment Re:Oh, and this was funny: (Score 1) 177

So do I, as there is a difference between broadcasting ("Transmissions intended for reception by the general public, either direct or relayed.") and transmitting (vague, could be simply the act of radiating, or often communications that are one to one, or a in small group, usually in two way communications). Yes, clearly influenced from amateur use, but the quote is an FCC definition. In common speech, there is little distinction, but in technical matters and regulation, even outside amateur practice, broadcast has a specific term which I doubt the judge meant, or possibly ordered.

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