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Comment Re:never cross the unions (Score 1) 183

So since the reason for all this was kept secret, did anybody involved in the cutting actually know what it was they were affecting, or is this just another attempt to demonize a natural reaction to what they would have seen as corporations trying to undercut workers yet again?

From the liberal's mouth.

Vandalism and destruction of property is a "natural reaction" (and therefore, appropriate, because, it's natural!) by unions.

Comment Re:Not sure about the recovery test (Score 1) 125

The weight of the fuel decreases as you burn it out the back of the rocket, increasing efficiency For each second of the burn. Second, did you account for the rotation of the earth underneath the rocket? Zeroing out the forward momentum does eat up most of the fuel, but you don't need a whole lot of forward velocity to fall down a parabolic arc from that height to return home. Landing requires about 60m/s of delta v at it's new mass.

Comment Re:Step 2. (Score 1) 218

Make them finance the decommissioning at build time.

Already in place. Alas, costs are much higher than expected. I have not heard of a reactor that is approaching decommissioning and has sufficient funds put away for it. I would love to hear about a counterexample.

Will the future

Comment Re:Not sure about the recovery test (Score 4, Informative) 125

The rocket (1st stage) when empty needs almost no fuel (about 4% of the total fuel at launch) to return to the launch site and land. The upgraded Falcon v1.1 has 10% more fuel at launch as well as increased cargo capacity (more efficient engines). Hitting a floating barge means you have to have good conditions at the launch site, as well as 400 miles out at sea as well. That dramatically limits your launch capability and exponentially increases your recovery costs.

Comment Re:Better leave now (Score 2) 239

I know there has to be a book about that, but it's slipped my mind.

The whole thing of "first wave" colonists who spend generations getting there, and when they do... they find that the third wave colonists have been there for a few generations already, and all the planets habitable by them and their archaic technology are already taken.

"Songs of Distant Earth" Arthor C Clarke has a set of stories like that.

Comment Re:Useful Idiot (Score 1) 396

Fox and the BBC are in no way comparable. While BBC has lost some of its teeth lately, it is still far from harmless to the government.

Also, compare how the main Russian media speak about Putin with how Fox News speaks about Obama. For a third example, note that Rush Limbaugh does not, AFAIK, live in perpetual fear that thugs will beat him to a pulp and leave him dying in a ditch somewhere. Yet that is what tends to happen when journalists don't do as they are told in Russia.

Comment Re:Useful Idiot (Score 1) 396

It was fairly obvious that Russia was far from the top of the list of places Snowden wanted to flee to. When the US is able to arrange for even presidential planes to be forced down, it is difficult to escape.

This will no doubt not be the last uncomfortable thing that he will have to do. Let us just hope that it stays at "uncomfortable".

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