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Submission + - Slashdot blocked in Switzerland (Possibly other parts of Europe) 1

Wattos writes: On my daily commute to work, it is my habit to check several websites for the latest news. Imagine how surprised I was that when was not accessible anymore. Instead I received a 403 Restricted error page. Initially I thought that this would have been a simple mistake by my mobile ISP, so I connected to my home VPN. Slashdot was blocked including many links to websites with vpn services. After connecting to a VPN provider outside of the country (in Poland) slashdot was accessible again.

Comment Re:Apple makes money either way... (Score 1) 348

This was certainly not the case on PC's. You began to see advantages as early as 1G because that is when some memory had to be moved away from permanently mapped memory on 32-bit. You ended up with a less than 200MB high memory area which was difficult to use effectively and you had to pay the PAE overhead to get it. Best option was to run a non-PAE kernel and forget about that last bit of memory (or run a custom memory split, if you like compiling your own kernel).

2GB was more or less ok and 3GB was a bit of a sweet spot (but who has that?). 4GB brought the extra pain of having to deal with 32-bit devices and DMA32 memory, or you did the sane thing and just gave up on a few hundred MB again to avoid bounce buffers. To be fair, DMA32 plagues 64-bit Linux as well, but it should not be much of an issue on modern hardware anymore.

Anyway, Android uses a 1GB/3GB memory split, so 1GB is still an unfortunate amount of memory, and all current Android devices are 32-bit.

Comment Re:Will Europe contain the USA? (Score 1) 158

Russia doesn't have the logistics to go to conventional war with EU. There is no way it could get its supply lines running to handle that kind of campaign. Even if they did gain air superiority, there are too many anti-air systems in the EU to allow them air supremacy, and without air supremacy the campaign would eventually grind to a halt. Hopefully such all-out conflicts are a thing of the past.

The EU's problem is that it has practically no force projection capability itself. France could handle Mali, but that is approximately the limit. Even an EU where everyone agreed for once would not be able to do anything useful about Syria. Libya showed how dependent the EU is on the US; EU ran out of bombs in no time at all and the operations would be impossible without the US providing information from e.g. satellites and AWACS.

Comment Re:Giving 3D Printers A Bad Name... (Score 1) 133

Oh, hey, look at that! Shooting at the Washington Navy Yard this morning. Three or four victims in critical condition, including a DC cop!

A gun free building, inside a gun free zone, inside a gun free city. Ironically enough, the tard quoted above can only think "if only we could make a gun free state or a gun free nation this wouldn't happen!"

More of a failing strategy won't create a succeeding strategy.


DoD Declassifies Flu Pandemic Plan Containing Sobering Assumptions 337

An anonymous reader writes "The Department of Defense has just declassified a copy of its 2009 Concept of Operations Plan for an Influenza Pandemic. Among the Plan's scary yet reasonable assumptions are that in the United States, such a pandemic will kill 2 percent of the infected population, or about 2 million people. The plan also assumes that a vaccine won't be available for at least 4 to 6 months after confirmation of sustained human transmission, and that the weekly vaccine manufacturing capability will only produce 1 percent of the total US vaccine required. State and local governments will be overwhelmed, and civilian mortuary operations will require military augmentation. Measures such as limiting public gatherings, closing schools, social distancing, protective sequestration and masking will be required to limit transmission and reduce illness and death. International and interstate transportation will be restricted to contain the spread of the virus. If a pandemic starts outside the US, it will enter the country at multiple locations and spread quickly to other parts of the country. A related document, CONPLAN 3591-09, was released by DoD in 2010."

Comment Re:Why record more than one channel? (Score 1) 85

I can see there's a specialised need for multi-channel recording but can't understand how there can be a domestic need to record more than one at a time - are there people who honestly enjoy so much of the current programming that there's things on more than one channel for any time slot that they're interested in?

The few shows in which one is interested are always scheduled against each other.

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