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Comment Re:2 Words (Score 1) 810

Diesel electric on train is done to get torque conversion. Good luck designing a gearbox that can get a 1km long freight train started. Train engines would be more efficient if you could get rid of the hybrid system.

The primary advantage of a hybrid is that it gets the petrol engine running at close to maximum load at all times. Petrol engines are horribly inefficient at partial load. Diesel engines have much less of a problem with partial load, so you gain little from adding the hybrid system. They are also large, heavy and expensive, whereas what you generally want from a range extender engine is small and light and cheap.

If anything, for some plug-in hybrids it might make more sense to have a small turbine as range extenders. Fuel efficiency might suffer a bit, but mass produced it should be smaller, lighter and cheaper than the petrol engine. Of course it is difficult for anything new to beat something which has been refined as much as petrol engines.

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Norway is probably the place in the world that has the most electric vehicles per capita.

If it is really cold, you are already plugging your gas fueled car in overnight, without the electric heating it will not start in the morning. A plugged in electric vehicle can be set to preheat the cabin, and if you time the charging so that you put the last few percent in just before leaving, you will be starting with a warm battery.

Best of all, in Sweden and Norway most electricity is hydroelectricity.

Comment Re:Amazon S3 (Score 2) 49

Well, essentially that's the backend for Dropbox - they are a service built on top of S3.

However, if you don't need your files often, but rather just want a place to archive them, you can take a look at Amazon Glacier - an archiving and backup solution. You can even implement lifecycle policies inside your S3 buckets to automatically move files older than X days from S3 to Glacier, which is much cheaper.

Comment Re:Why subsidize? (Score 1) 1030

We went into Iraq for oil, but it has very little to do with the oil in Iraq. That may sound contradictory, but consider this. Saddam gassed his people and otherwise played the brutal dictator...we sold him weapons. He had a dispute with a neighboring nation where he, quite literally, stepped over the line...we gave him a slap on the wrist, but allowed him to stay in power. He floated a plan to sell oil in Euros instead of dollars...a month later US troops were toppling statues in Baghdad and he was hiding in a hole.

Invading Iraq was always about protecting the US Dollar. Our currency is far more valuable than it should be due in large part to OPEC's policy of using the US dollar as its sole exchange currency. That policy is unlikely to change given what happened to the last guy who suggested changing it.'s all about oil, but not the supply in Iraq.

You left out the part where, after being greeted as liberators and having flowers strewn in our path by the grateful natives, we'd have a massive military presence there as far into the future as the imagination could see, smack dab in the middle of the Middle East and handy to put the smackdown on any other "towelheads" in the countries around there who dared to interfere with our getting "our" oil out from underneath their sands.

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