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Comment Re:Fucking rednecks (Score 2) 1030

"Oil came into its own without a ton of federal help..."

Too young to remember Drew Pearson's "Washington Merry-Go-Round" syndicated column and his many mentions of the "Oil Depletion Allowance" tax break giveaway to the oil companies and how in about '66 or '67 Texaco payed less in Federal Income Tax than just one of the cleaning ladies at its New York headquarters, I take it.

Comment Re:The end of an era. (Score 1) 154

No, it genuinely doesn't look like the GP knows what they're talking about, they say "SpaceX prize" and then go on to talk about commercial programs. It's like he blurred the entire spaceflight industry together in a single sentence and does it without stating any facts.

Comment Re:The end of an era. (Score 5, Interesting) 154

Armadillo was a profitable company (as in, showed a profit at the end of a fiscal year) with several different research contracts for NASA before it imploded due to mismanagement. I'm not sure what your ambiguous comment about "SpaceX Prize" means, do you mean the Lunar X prize? Armadillo never made a bid for the commercial crew program as far as I'm aware (where SpaceX is competing with two other, non-Armadillo affiliated companies).

Comment Re:The end of an era. (Score 5, Insightful) 154

Pretty much every year at Quakecon, JC spoke about how he hated getting bogged down with business details and wanted to get back to working on low level hardware/software, decreasing latency etc. i.e. he had gotten way too high level for his liking and all of his projects were tinkering R&D type stuff - he seems to have always shrugged off management roles that were cast upon him. He complained one year that iD Software and Rage had torn him too far from Armadillo Aerospace and (commentating here) the company had sort of flatlined without him as a constant presence there.
Wouldn't shock me to see him do a new start up company in the mobile games space and re-invest himself in Armadillo Aerospace again. iD software obviously had long been somewhere where he no longer fit in.

Comment Re:In the SIMULATOR? (Score 1) 270

It's coffin corner because it's relatively easy to stall there, not because the aircraft could go too fast and break up. There is little risk in immediately descending. Certainly, the risks of stalling are far magnitudes greater.

My source: A retired jet pilot who had precisely the same thing happen to them as what happened to AF447 - iced up pitots and loss of airspeed indicators.

Comment Re:Why put the automation in if not to use it? (Score 1) 270

"ABSes have saved many lives when drivers slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision, or started slipping on ice." [citation needed]

If anything, the evidence is somewhat to the contrary. Studies on taxis with and without ABS (the cabs are otherwise very similar vehicles), showed that ABS equipped cars did not have lower accident rates overall. Indeed, certain types of accidents, e.g. in snow, where significantly higher for ABS equipped cars. Cite:

Comment Re: self-flying planes (Score 2) 270

The computer did not give any instruction. The computers went into alternate law (i.e. "act dumb, do 100% what the pilots command") precisely because the computer had detected sensors were giving conflicting readings. It was down to the pilots to determine what was needed to be done. The correct course of action was fairly obvious. They were flying at altitude, where maximum speed and stall speed are very close to each other. That is, any significant loss of airspeed risks stalling and disaster. The correct course of action, if there's a problem with airspeed indicators, then is to ensure airspeed is preserved - i.e. descend. This is real 101 stuff when it comes to "Flying high".

The senior co-pilot, in command at the time, knew what had to be done, so did the captain (who was not on the flight deck initially). Unfortunately, despite both of them clearly ordering the junior co-pilot to descend and, later, leave the fucking controls alone (though, by that time, they were almost certainly doomed), the junior co-pilot inexplicably kept taking control and ordering the aircraft to climb - precisely the wrong to do. What was going through his mind we will never know.

Comment Re:um.... (Score 5, Interesting) 56

Also I'm an American, does Denmark have the right against self incrimination like we do?

Not only does Denmark have a right against self incrimination, defendants in criminal cases cannot commit perjury and do not have to swear to tell the truth. There is no doubt that he will be given the rights of an accused person.

I believe the article is wrong though, the case against him has been under preparation by the Danish police for a long time. Formal charges cannot be far away.

Comment Re:Don't really see the market (Score 1) 240

What am I missing from this?

One example: my Nexus 7 draws so much power, even when sleeping...

OK, we can stop right here and determine what the hell the problem is...and it's occurring before you even find a power source.

Go fix or replace your tablet. One should not be trying to power a black hole.

I may have accidentally modded the above "redundant" by starting to mod it "informative" and then deciding to read the rest of the thread to see if I was going to want to comment instead of modding.

If so, my apologies to the PP

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