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Comment Re:Much awaited.. (Score 1) 245

Of course your idea about him being a "Servant of Skynet" would let him play the villain (let's not spoil him by having him develop a conscience)

His conscience is what drives him... to be a servant of skynet. Figure out that one and you have the basis for a show.

Show, as in TV show, as in series?

Or did you mean single movie?

Comment Re:Two thoughts (Score 2) 257

One: Can we expect petty criminals to be up on this latest news and be aware of this feature BEFORE they have already mugged you and tried to fence the phone?

Yes. Criminal communications are good. I would be surprised if it took as much as a month for robberies targeting a protected model to stop.

Two: If the phone is deactivated accidentally (or intentionally as a prank or malice against the owner), how much would you trust your mobile carrier to be reasonable in their process to reactivate the phone?

This is a kill switch. The carrier should not be able to fix the phone afterwards. The phone manufacturer might be able to fix it, but not if the kill switch is properly implemented.

Comment Re:Two unrelated problems. (Score 1) 257

Today people get robbed for 3 things: money, passports, and phones. Cash is going away, so you have to bring the victim to an ATM to get the money out, and most people do not carry passports so you have to be really careful selecting your victim. Phones are easy to spot, so you know that there is something to rob, and they are extremely easy to fence.

If we take phones out of the equation, the criminals are likely to switch to other types of crime. Hopefully types which are less devastating to the victims.

Comment Re:Okay then (Score 1) 257

They know they can still sell the phones for parts and make more money than they would just selling a phone.

I doubt that. Phone parts are relatively cheap because few people buy original parts. The only ones who do buy official parts are the official repair shops, and they are unlikely to buy parts from thieves.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences (Score 1) 257

The pool of people who are willing to steal is dramatically smaller than the pool of people who are willing to (intentionally) commit murder. Usually the robber does not start the robbery with the intention of killing the victim. If we cut robberies down to only intentional murders, the police will have lots of resources to deal with much fewer cases, and that should take those murderers out of circulation fairly rapidly.

As an extra bonus, if a fenced phone is likely to come from a murder victim, a lot more people will think twice about buying it. Maybe we can finally make fencing socially unacceptable.

Comment Re:Corporate - Government Synergy (Score 1) 257

The companies get new sales and the government gets a stealthed system to quickly kill organized protests and evidence of police brutality with the push of a button. Win-Win!

If you think that shutting down cell phone communications to a specific area is difficult and requires new software, you are deluded. Sorry.

Comment Re:3, 2, 1 (Score 1) 203

Parents who give their children names that aren't pronouncable in major languages like English are bastards.

Nothing is pronounceable in English. You basically cannot import any non-English word from any other language and have it sound remotely the same. The set of available sounds is both small and weird.

Comment Re:Much awaited.. (Score 2) 245

i.e. the source material is the movie.

Actually the source material is "Soldier" by Harlan Ellison

From the write-up of that script, I don't really see the connection.

Ellison's time travel was accidental, and neither soldier was deliberately sent back to eliminate a present problem by killing off that problem's ancestors and preventing his or her birth.

It's kind of like saying that if you make a movie about people rebuilding after losing a war you have to pay royalties to Margret Mitchell because she wrote "Gone With The Wind".

I think Ellison just got some "go away" money out of the movie company.

Comment Re:Much awaited.. (Score 1) 245

"...being the first 3D model used to create a humanoid Terminator."

There's precedent for that.

In "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" Summer Glau was shown as the human upon whom her cyborg character was based.

That girl was killed once they were done with her, but you figure someone like younger Arnie might could have escaped, if he were a captive and not a willing participant, and become part of, and maybe even a high-ranking part of, the human opposition to Skynet in the future (his character's present) who has been fighting it for enough years to look the way he does now.

I assume they'll come up with some way to send him back in time, although I wouldn't mind if a lot of the movie was set "then" instead of "now".

Of course your idea about him being a "Servant of Skynet" would let him play the villain (let's not spoil him by having him develop a conscience) instead of the hero (who would no doubt be someone much younger, although they should feel free to surprise me on that front), and of course the villain almost always gets better lines than the hero.

Comment Re:And water is wet (Score 1) 583

As a Brit, I've always wondered about how you guys look back on the revolution. Since the US was created out of a revolutionary war you'd think that there could be no act that is more than in keeping with the spirit and founding principles of the republic than seeking to overthrow a government that has overstepped its bounds. But most of your 'patriotic' type pundits seem to view any form of anti-establishment sentiment as either communism or treason.

In the UK we've never really gone in for violent revolution, so I can understand why our national identity doesn't lend itself to direct action. But you guys are always going on about the glory of the republic and the benefits that you gained via armed struggle against the state. How do you keep those sort if ideas straight in your heads alongside the sort of 'my country, right or wrong' jingoism that has you reciting oaths of loyalty in school and so forth?

Are you also confused about why Americans buy, keep, use,and love guns so much?

Take those two facts and rub them together for a little while and you'll figure it out.

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