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Submission + - "Burning" saltwater

RayWalston writes: Shades of cold fusion. A fella, John Kanzius, claims to have found a way using RF to break up saltwater into hydrogen gas. Several demonstrations on youtube, but no real comparison of the amount of RF in vs amount generated. Anyone out there seen anything quantative? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6vSxR6UKFM

Submission + - Saltwater for fuel

An anonymous reader writes: RIE, Pa. — An Erie cancer researcher has found a way to burn salt water, a novel invention that is being touted by one chemist as the "most remarkable" water science discovery in a century. John Kanzius happened upon the discovery accidentally when he tried to desalinate seawater with a radio-frequency generator he developed to treat cancer. He discovered that as long as the salt water was exposed to the radio frequencies, it would burn. The discovery has scientists excited by the prospect of using salt water, the most abundant resource on earth, as a fuel. Rustum Roy, a Penn State University chemist, has held demonstrations at his State College lab to confirm his own observations. The radio frequencies act to weaken the bonds between the elements that make up salt water, releasing the hydrogen, Roy said. Once ignited, the hydrogen will burn as long as it is exposed to the frequencies, he said. The discovery is "the most remarkable in water science in 100 years," Roy said. "This is the most abundant element in the world. It is everywhere," Roy said. "Seeing it burn gives me the chills." Roy will meet this week with officials from the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense to try to obtain research funding. The scientists want to find out whether the energy output from the burning hydrogen — which reached a heat of more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit — would be enough to power a car or other heavy machinery. "We will get our ideas together and check this out and see where it leads," Roy said. "The potential is huge. http://www.post-gazette.com/

Submission + - Saltwater as fuel? (engadget.com)

thevacancy writes: An amateur inventor seems to have stumbled on the ability (new or not) to illicit hydrogen and oxygen from saltwater via radio waves. No information on how much energy is required to produce the radio waves (the contraption looks large), but it looks interesting nonetheless.

Submission + - Saltwater can burn when exposed to radio waves (post-gazette.com)

realwx writes: "An Erie man who wanted to desalinate water has accidentally discovered saltwater can burn, as long as the saltwater is exposed to radio frequencies. "The radio frequency actually weakens bonds holding together the constituents of salt water — sodium chloride, hydrogen and oxygen — and releases the hydrogen, which, once ignited, burns continuously when exposed to the RF energy field. Mr. Kanzius said an independent source measured the flame's temperature, which exceeds 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, reflecting an enormous energy output. While Mr. Kanzius was demonstrating how his generator heated nanoparticles, someone noted condensation inside the test tube and suggested he try using his equipment to desalinate water. So, Mr. Kanzius said, he put sea water in a test tube, then trained his machine on it, producing an unexpected spark. In time he and laboratory owners struck a match and ignited the water, which continued burning as long as it remained in the radio-frequency field.""

Submission + - Essential Bluetooth hacking tools

J.R writes: The guys at Security-Hacks have compiled a list of Bluetooth hacking tools: "If you are planning to gain a deeper understanding of Bluetooth security, you will need a good set of tools with which to work. By familiarizing yourself with the following tools, you will not only gain a knowledge of the vulnerabilities inherent in Bluetooth-enabled devices, but you will also get a glimpse at how an attacker might exploit them. This hack highlights the essential tools, mostly for the Linux platform, that can be used to search out and hack Bluetooth-enabled devices." http://www.security-hacks.com/2007/05/25/essential -bluetooth-hacking-tools
Operating Systems

Submission + - How many Linux computers will DELL have to sell ?

pmarini writes: I was wondering what would be the initial target for DELL when they decided to go ahead and sell Linux computers (please don't call them PC, I'd rather call them AT-compatible then...) Based on a few articles that I found on the Web, shipment of computers in 2006 was about 200 million units (desktop + laptops) and recent figures show that DELL has a 16-17% of the market share worldwide, which accounts for about 32-34 million units. That means that since Linux has a market share of 3%, they should be more than happy if they sell their share of 1 million Linux computers in the next 12 months which amounts to about 80 thousand per month. Easy!

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