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Comment Crappy or Cree, that is the question for importers (Score 2) 421

flashlights ... and the LEDs that may be used in them, it's crazy what details they keep tabs on

They have to, since these things are typically ordered from overseas, with prohibitive return postage fees, and many times some manufacturer or vendor will try to become the cheapest by changing to LEDs of a crappy (i.e. fake) rather than Cree variety. When the item arrives, one usually has just a few days to ascertain whether it is genuine or if a refund needs to be requested from the payment service.

Comment Even if U weren't paid, won't get paid in new jobs (Score 2) 1051

Put your accepted kernel contribution on your CV and your CV will command a higher salary.

When every search engine on Earth returns allegations of incompetence by some Überhacker Himself as the first few hundred hits on your name, you can save the time for writing that CV in the first place as HR would often just send it to /dev/null (if they thought in these terms ;-)) unseen anyway.

Comment Voice of caution against (eternal) war on anything (Score 0) 242

...e.g.when TEOTWAWKI, water wars and Mad Max style Peak Oil scenarios are conjured up (yet again) to "hack the Constitution"...

If the effect of unaddressed climate change is the functional equivalent of terrorist attacks ... does the Executive Branch ... act unilaterally ... irrespective of ... Congress?

comes from Friedrich August von Hayek, The Road to Serfdom (1944), Definitive Edition (2007), introduction by Bruce Caldwell, p. 31-32:

[V]ery much a part of his underlying motivation in writing the book, is Hayek's warning concerning the dangers that times of war pose for established civil societies—for it is during such times when hard-won civil liberties are most likely to be all-too-easily given up. Even more troubling, politicians instinctively recognize the seductive power of war. Times of national emergency permit the invocation of a common cause and a common purpose. War enables leaders to ask for sacrifices. This is true for real war, but because of its ability to unify disparate groups, savvy politicians from all parties find it effective to invoke war metaphors in a host of contexts. The war on drugs, the war on poverty, and the war on terror are but three examples from recent times. What makes these examples even more worrisome than true wars is that none has a logical endpoint; each may be invoked forever.

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