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Comment Re:phasing out nuclear power (Score 1) 657

Eh...I dont see any plan.

Okay, so I guess you missed these links on the left of the page?

They used to be, as you described, "a group trying to develop a plan". Then, in July last year, they completed their plan, and released it.

(And if all that reading is too much, here's the 6 page executive summary of the plan which was released in February 2010.)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 300

All this move by ICANN would do is to chop the last four characters off every .com in the database, and move that whole damn thing to the root level. [...snip...] Bad policy, bad engineering, bad idea.

Yeah... Although a variation on it is a good idea: de-emphasize the .com TLD.

The arguments why the suggestion in TFA is bad were outlined a decade ago by Brad Templeton in his essays "Problems, Goals and a Fix for Domain Names". His proposed fix (allow [almost] anyone to create a TLD, but you can't get one solely for your own business) prevents the problems of vanity TLDs while removing the problems of trademark squatting/fighting in .com...

Comment Re:phasing out nuclear power (Score 1) 657

What the hell are they going to replace it with? More fossil fuels?
Sunshine and wind aren't going to meet any nation's energy demands with current technology. has a plan for 100% renewable zero-carbon energy for Australia by 2020 using only current, commercially available technology, and no nuclear (because a new nuclear power station wouldn't be ready in time, not for any ideological reason).

Comment Re:In America.... (Score 1) 132

In the United States, where the hospital bills for a procedure of this kind are likely to run into thousands of dollars, "disposable" has a pretty broad definition.

Yes, because the billable time for the techs, the cost of certification of the equipment and various other overhead costs nothing.

I think the point is that if the various overheads you mention are on the order of $5000, an extra $500 "disposable" camera is reasonable, even if in other contexts the idea of throwing away $500 worth of equipment seems unreasonable...

Comment Re:CentOS Impact? (Score 1) 184

I think there is some confusion here. Red Hat is no longer providing separate patches in the Red Hat kernel package. I am pretty sure Red Hat will continue to provide patches back to the kernel development community. I don't think the kernel developer community are downloading the Red Hat source RPM for the kernel and extracting the patches to include in the tree.

I'm confused too. Red Hat says they still submit their patches upstream first, but then some kernel developers suggest that they poke around in the release kernel instead. I'm not sure which is which, whether RH is playing dirty, or whether there are specific incidents which are causing problems in an otherwise supportive relationship...

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