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Comment Re:Unacceptable (Score 1) 81

On top of that, taking a cut of the sales is a major violation of our property rights.

You have no rights consumer! The copyright holder can, and will, revoke your ability to play at their whim. You don't think you really own the product, do you? Didn't you read the 350 page "license agreement" at all? Why, our team of lawyers worked months to come up with that obtuse document that's unreadable by anyone not in the legal profession, and it's copyrighted too! By the way we're suing you for talking about our game without our permission as permitted under the DMCA part two. You've damaged our ability to make money with our property, not your property, by disclosing the ending to one friend and loaning your disc without permission to another.

Now the scary thing is some nozzles in the industry think like that.

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