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Comment Re:I dunno (Score 1) 1307

I heard such stories about hospitals over and over again.

Essentially what it boils down to is that hospital IT departments have almost no chance of establishing good environments, because every doctor that has 5 seconds of free time feels like they have both the authority and obligation to directly interfere with how IT does things.

Situations can vary from either the I've-been-working-for-50-years-without-a-computer-and-I'm-not-gonna-learn-how-to-use-one-now to what we have here where someone know how to make things better by themselves and simply bypasses the whole system with an application that is not supported or endorsed by the IT. And for sure does not integrate with other data-flow activities that are going on in the hospital.

In the end IT guys run for cover anytime when some local "god" decides that their way is best and things will run how they seem fit, because they just bought a new iPhone and want to have EVERYTHING interact with it. Screw the company-issued smartphones!

You just described exactly what I experienced in my short time working for IT in a hospital. I'm glad to be out of there, and I don't intend to ever take another position in IT in medical again (if I can help it).

Comment Re:get a lawsuit (Score 1) 761

Battery and related cables are usually close to the top of the engine compartment.. they will need long arms! (not saying it's impossible though..) And you are right, if they disturb the cables by disconnecting them and putting this inline you're bound to noticed something wrong. Even just losing your programmed station memory on your radio (say on an older one without theft protection.)

Comment Re:My plate is pretty full right now... (Score 1) 479

With SCCM 2007 and PXE boot you can re-image 100+ desktops in relative easy once you've developed your image and tested the push works correct. I helped migrate a hospital with 1,500 desktops. We did one department per day. We put a day's time between departments so we could mop up any issues before the next migration.

This was migrating all of those PCs from Windows 2000 in a Novell environment to Windows XP in an AD environment.

Submission + - Intel Handing Out Samples of Experimental 48-Core (

Penguin Follower writes: "Hot Hardware has an article up about a new 48-core chip from Intel Labs:

Just when you thought your 6-core chip was the baddest processor on the planet, Intel goes and announces plans to ship PCs equipped with an experimental 48-core CPU to a handful of lucky researchers sometime by the end of the second quarter.


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