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Comment Support (Score 1) 456

Good support. It seems obvious to me, but anyway....

I had two Movable Type sites hosted at two different companies At the first one suddenly my PHP includes broke. I went back and forth with them for a week with them denying any knowledge or problems, and ended up having to rewrite the includes. No matter how many times I explained to them that I'd made no changes, the answer was the same...

A couple of months later the same thing happened at the second one. Five minutes after emailing support they told me the default on allow_url_include had changed, and they reactivated it for my install.

The difference was astonishing. A one week argument versus a five minute fix.

(Yes, I generally try to avoid URL Includes these days, though I still like them because they make code portable..)

Comment Re:If this were another company... (Score 1) 610

Sure, but that's the whole point...Apple's market share is comparatively small.

Filing an anti-trust suit against your local book store for selling self-published works by local authors wouldn't make any sense; filing one against Chapters/Borders/Amazon might.

I'm not saying that if I were The Steve this is a decision I would have made...but Apple's got no more obligation to provide support for "universal" hardware than any other software vendor.

My iPhone won't run Windows Mobile: is that Microsoft's fault? Just because the Atom's instruction set is substantially similar to a standard Intel CPU doesn't mean supporting it is required.

Comment Re:What a Troll! (Score 2, Insightful) 395

Really? Bonuses for individual employees that do great work are more important to you than the greater social good that is potentially created by a fair and balanced taxation system? Universal medicare for example?

I'm not opposed to the concept of bonuses, but to argue that they're "more important" than taxes is to ignore any history of benefits that you may have gained or may in the future gain from the common social contract.

There's a reason we organize into political structures, the common good is one of the key ones. When the individual becomes MORE important than the collective you're standing on the precipice of a slippery slope.

There is of course a flip side, but don't give me some bullshit Soviet Union/Cuba/China communism argument. In all of these cases an elite group of individuals *espoused* the importance of the collective good, while simultaneously protecting their own selfish interests.

So...maybe you think your taxes are already fair, but it *seems* like Microsoft is trying to have their cake and eat it too, and Washington state is being left on the hook.

Comment Science Fiction Through the Ages (Score 1) 1021

Alice in Wonderland.
The Time Machine.
20,000 Leagues.
Neuromancer (a great example of how science fiction is of its moment...Neuromancer has no cell phones, as they were rare and Gibson hadn't imagined them.

I'd include some Phillip K. Dick and a work by Robert Heinlein as well. The former because I like to screw kids up mentally as much as I can, the latter because while I've never liked much Heinlein its place in history is undoubted.

Comment Re:Gutless? (Score 1) 687

There have been quite a few gutless cars manufactured with standard gasoline engines too. My mother buys Chrysler products, so I'm intimately familiar with this thanks to a steady progression of K-cars, Shadows, Neons, SX 2.0s and finally the pinnacle represented by the Dodge Kaliber.

Comment Re:Panasonic is not worse than canon (Score 2, Interesting) 450

It's not a Leica lens. It's a Leica *designed* lens. There's a BIG difference there.

Leica lenses are made with better glass.

It's probably not going to make a difference to 99% of people, but the way that Leica's diluted their name is just...well...the name used to mean something. Now it's just a name.

Comment Re:Take Kodachrome if you must ... (Score 1) 399

It would pay off for sure, but it wouldn't pay off "pretty soon."

I've actually been waiting for the tech to stabilize too: I've been shooting the same film bodies for 7 years now, and I can easily rationalize something like a Canon 5D over a 10 year timeframe (though it front loads a TONNE of cash, so that's quite a difference vs. trickling it out) but until recently the tech was moving so quickly that things were going to need replacing before then.

That 7 year body is nothing, btw. My FTBql's still shoot beautifully and they're 30 years old. My Bronica medium format camera was manufactured in 1964. I should get the shutter retimed, but it's only two speeds so I just shoot around them. Is my Canon 6d going to last 40+ years?

The tech seems to be stabilizing, prices are continuing to decline (albeit slowly) and things are coalescing. The time may be next year for me.

Comment Re:Take Kodachrome if you must ... (Score 3, Informative) 399

Old Velvia was 50ASA which was insanely slow, and hard to shoot with. Wonderful with tripod but handheld was hard. I actually found it a bit over saturated, though that's a matter of opinion.

Kodachrome's death wasn't so much caused by the continuing move to digital caused by the lowering of prices on Digital SLRs....that was certainly a factor, and continues to be so. Kodachrome was a unique film with a unique developing process and there was only one lab in the world still doing it. It was always a pain in the butt to use because of the process anyway: even in Toronto my film had to be shipped to a specific lab to get developed, or mailed to Kodak directly. I hated doing gets lost in transition more than any other way, and the wait was long sometimes.

Fujichrome film could be processed in a standard E-6 process, and that was readily available in even small communities not so long ago. I switched to Provia a long time ago, and never looked back.

I'm going to go buy some tonight, actually, and it's going to cost a lot less than the $1,300 for the Canon 50D, plus it doesn't have that stupid crop factor that turns my ultra wide 20mm lens into an unimpressive relatively "normal" 32mm lens.

I'm waiting for an affordable full frame digital SLR before I move. Some will argue that the 5D is it, but I would certainly NOT argue that $3,000 is affordable. In the meantime, I scan slides.

We really need to solve the damn dust problem as well, though most people tell me it's overblown. Batteries can also be an issue for those of us who like to photograph off the grid.

Comment Re:Stay With Me Here (Score 1) 286

Well, the question was "what do non-bloggers do with their personal domains?" no "what SHOULD non-bloggers do with their personal domains."

The answer depends both on how you define the terms "blog" and "personal domain" of course. If you're posting family photos that's arguably blogging. (Since we seem to need to incessantly name thing, maybe it should be vis-fam-blogging?)

I recall reading something Tim Berners Lee where he basically figured that the web was the best way of showing family photos, and sharing. Scrapbooking and letters with different tools, so to speak.

Do whatever you want with your personal domain. It's all valid. I blog, but that doesn't mean that I expect you to do the same thing.

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